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micro air pump for scent diffuser machine

Scent diffuser Background


The fragrance diffuser, also known as scent diffuser machine, scent air machine, or scenting system, is the current high-end user scent marketing method derived from the product.

Atomization technology

Atomization technology is the key to making fragrance equipment work best. As a carrier of fragrance coverage, its diffusion effect is very important. At present, many brands of fragrance machines are using two fluid atomization technology to produce fragrance equipment.

Working principle

The main components of the perfume diffuser are composed of a micro air pump, atomizer, and working program control panel. After the perfume diffuser starts, the air compressor pump generates air pressure and then delivers the airflow to the atomizer to form a strong pressure, so that the essential oil in the essential oil storage tank is impacted into small atomized particles. These particles spread the fragrance to all areas through the central air conditioning fresh air duct or with the airflow.

Nanometer particles ensure ultra-high utilization rate of essential oil fragrances; negative ion state can be suspended in the air, will not fall low or cling to surfaces; smallest airflow around diffusion ensures diffusion of fragrance; through central air conditioning diffusion can achieve large area coverage; strong atomization can instantly change space into having fragrance aroma.


High efficiency of essential oil atomization, uniform diffusion, fine atomized particles, long retention time, high use rate of essential oil, wide-coverage, suitable for 100 to 10000m3 of various commercial places space fragrance.

The difference with the aromatherapy machine

The diffuser is not the same as the aromatherapy machine, it does not need water, and there is no humidification or moisturizing function.


Incense diffusers have personal use diffusers, large space diffusers, on-site direct use of the diffuser, and the need to access the new air conditioning large diffusers.

Application scenarios

Essential oil atomization diffuser is mainly for some hotels, bar chains, KTV, office buildings and sales centers, car 4s stores, shopping malls, stores, clubs, and other high-end business or consumer places, through the diffuser to make the fragrance of essential oils atomized into ultra-tiny fog fragrance particles spread out, we go to the hotel when you can smell the faint fragrance when you walk through the door, is diffused by the fragrance system.

Generally will also be installed in the new air ducts, central air conditioning ducts, or air conditioning vents, so that the entire space emits a comfortable fragrance, to achieve the purpose of fragrance marketing.

Fragrance substance

Scenting equipment uses fragrance essential oil, fragrance necessary oil concentration is very high and pure, and a bottle can be used for a long time. The scent after atomization is natural, soft, refreshing, and comfortable.

fragrance essential oil

Micro air pump in the application of fragrance diffusion system analysis

Most fragrance diffusion systems need a micro diaphragm pump for its stable transmission of high-pressure airflow. For example, in the waterless essential oil diffuser, the role of the micro air pump is to use the principle of the high-speed flow of compressed air to make the essential oil into particles.

Difficult points

  • compact design, reducing weight and size as much as possible, reduce production and transportation costs.
  • Essential oil atomization for the continuous process, micro air pump continuous pumping air, the pump life requirements are high.
  • Whether it is a home or commercial equipment, the entire fragrance diffusion system’s mechanical operation of the noise is as slight as possible.


  • Accessories and materials upgrade to ensure long-life operation.
  • Optimize the motor structure, and auxiliary sound-absorbing materials, and reduce noise.
  • Optimize the structure of the pump body, and adjust it to the best installation position.

Micropump product recommendation

A multinational company providing fragrance diffusers for various scenarios – from individual stand-alone devices to commercial diffusion system solutions – relies on a special mini compressor used in specially developed fragrance diffusers from BODEFNLO China. The compact pump is quiet and vibration-free and is equipped with a brushless motor, which makes it more independent and efficient than all other devices currently available for this purpose.

BODENFLO miniature pumps have a wide range of atomization-related applications. Such as silent diffusers, foam spray cleaning machines, dosing high-pressure fogging machines, hand low-temperature steam sterilizers/guns, fogging/UV sterilization robots, backpack-type electrostatic sterilizers, etc.

1. BD-03WB miniature diaphragm liquid pump

Description: Micro liquid pumps, brushless motor, rated working voltage 24V, flow rate 200ml/min at 3bar water pressure.
Advantages: small size, low noise, self-priming, smooth flow, long life, and corrosion resistance.

2. BD-04AB micro air pump

Description: Micro diaphragm air pump, brushless motor, rated working voltage 12V, no-load free flow 13-14L/min, blowing pressure ≥250kpa.
Advantages: compact structure, low noise, long life.

3. BD-07WB miniature diaphragm liquid pump

Description: Miniature diaphragm liquid pump, brushless motor, rated working voltage 24V, at a maximum pressure of 10bar, flow rate 1L/min.
Advantages: static electricity, corrosion resistance, high pressure, self-priming, smooth flow, long life.

4.BD-08AB-S miniature compressed air pump

Description: Miniature piston air pump, brushless motor, rated working voltage 24V, no-load pumping flow 50L/min, pressure ≥ 600kpa.
Advantages: compact structure, lightweight, high temperature, and high-pressure resistance, long life.

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