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High-Quality Miniature Vacuum Pumps by BODENFLO: Versatile, Efficient, and Customizable

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Miniature vacuum pumps are essential in diverse industries, offering compact yet powerful solutions for various applications. Their versatility and efficiency make them ideal for tasks requiring precision and reliability. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

Key Features of Our Miniature Vacuum Pumps

Explore the unique features that make BODENFLO’s miniature vacuum pumps (air suction pump, negative pressure pump) the go-to choice for a variety of applications. This section focuses on the compact size, high flow rates, and affordable pricing of our pumps, providing a detailed guide for prospective buyers.

Compact Size

One of the most distinguishing features of BODENFLO’s micro diaphragm vacuum pumps and piston vacuum pump is their compact size. Engineered to fit into tight spaces, these pumps are ideal for applications where space is at a premium. Despite their small footprint, they offer robust performance, making them a versatile choice for various industries.

High Flow Rates

BODENFLO’s mini dc vacuum pumps are designed for high flow rates, ensuring quick and efficient operations. This is particularly beneficial in applications that require rapid movement of air or fluids. The high flow rate does not compromise on the pump’s efficiency, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications.

Affordable Pricing

Cost-effectiveness is a key consideration for any business, and BODENFLO’s miniature vacuum pumps deliver on this front. Our pumps offer high performance at an affordable price point, providing excellent value for money. This makes them an attractive option for businesses looking for a high-quality yet budget-friendly solution.

Miniature Vacuum Pumps Technical Specifications

Understanding the technical specifications is crucial for selecting the right miniature vacuum pump for your application. Here are the key technical aspects of BODENFLO’s pumps

  • Medium: Air/Gas/Liquid/Water
  • Voltage: DC 3V/6V/9V/12V/24V
  • DC Motor:Brush/Brushless
  • Air Flow: 0.5-70 L/min
  • Vacuum: -30-85 kpa (225-637mmHg))
  • Water Flow: 100-1500ml/min
  • Power Consumption: 0.1-4.5A
  • Diaphragm Material: EPDM/FKM
  • Pump Body Material: POM/PPS/Nylon/Metal
  • Noise Level:50-75dB
  • Life Span:300-10000 hours
  • Warranty: 1-2years
  • Certifications: CE/FCC/ROHS/Reach
  • Accessories: tubes, check valves, filters, shock mounts, pressure solenoid valves, terminals

Miniature Diaphragm Vacuum Pump For Air / Gas

micro diaphragm pumps

BD-01V Brush

DC3V/6V/12V; Flow Range: 0.5-1 L/min; Vacuum Range: -30-50kpa; 24g; 45.5×15.5×25.5mm

BD-02V Brush

 DC6V/12V/24V; Flow Range: 1-4L/min;  Vacuum Range: -30-65kpa; 71g; 55x24x40mm.

BD-02VB Brushless

DC6V/12V/24V; Flow Range: 1-4L/min;  Vacuum Range: -30-65kpa; 73g; 53x24x40mm

BD-03V Brush

 DC6V/12V/24V; Flow Range: 3-7 L/min; Vacuum Range: -40-70kpa; 140g; 76x30x49 mm;

BD-03VB Brushless

DC6V/12V/24V; Flow Range: 3-7 L/min; Vacuum Range: -40-70kpa; 120g; 64x30x49 mm

BD-04V Brush

 DC6V/9V/12/24V; Flow Range: 7-20 L/min; Vacuum Range: -75-85kpa; 305g; 101x40x72 mm

BD-04VB Brushless

 DC6V/9V/12/24V; Flow Range: 7-20 L/min; Vacuum Range: -75-85kpa; 305g; 92x40x72 mm

BD-05TVB Brushless

 DC12V/24V; Flow 7.2 L/min; Vacuum -72kpa; 188g; 72x32x64 mm.

Miniature Piston Vacuum Pump For Air / Gas

BD-07V Brush

DC12V/24V; Flow Range: 15-35 L/min; Vacuum Range: -80-85kpa; 580g; 108x43x87mm

BD-07VB Brushless

DC12V/24V; Flow Range: 15-35 L/min; Vacuum Range: -80-85kpa; 540g; 107x43x87mm 

BD-07V-M Brush

DC12V/24V; Flow Range: 15-40 L/min; Vacuum Range: -80-85kpa; 600g; 108x43x85.5mm

BD-07VB-M Brushless

DC12V/24V; Flow Range:  15-40 L/min; Vacuum Range: -80-85kpa; 560g; 107x43x85.5mm

BD-079V-M Brush

DC12V/24V; Flow Range: 30-50 L/min; Vacuum Rnge: -85kpa; 800g; 123.5x56x103.5mm 

BD-08VB-D Brushless

DC24V; Flow 70 L/min; Vacuum -85kpa; 803g; 106.5x64x131mm

BD-08VB-S Brushless

DC24V; Flow 45 L/min; Vacuum -85kpa; 690g; 100x67x97mm

BD-08V-D Brush

DC24V; Flow 70 L/min; Vacuum -85kpa; 1.18kg; 150x52x131mm.

BD-08V-S Brush

DC24V; Flow 45 L/min; Vacuum -85kpa; 1kg; 145×67.4x97mm

Compact Diaphragm Vacuum Pump For Water / Liquid

DC micro water pump

BD-01W Brush

DC3V/6V/12V; Water Flow: 200 mL/min; Vacuum -30kpa; 24g;45.5×15.5×25.5mm

oil-free diaphragm pump

BD-02W Brush

DC6V/12V/24V; Water Flow: 400 mL/min; Vacuum -30kpa;  71g;55x24x40mm;

12V self priming motor

BD-02WB Brushless

DC6V/12V/24V; Water Flow 400 mL/min; Vacuum -30kpa; 73g; 53x24x40mm

BD-03W Brush

DC6V/12V/24V; Water Flow 500 mL/min; Vacuum -30kpa; 140g; 76x30x49 mm

miniature pumps

BD-03WB Brushless

DC6V/12V/24V; Water Flow 500 mL/min; Vacuum -30kpa; 120g; 64x30x49 mm

suction water pump

BD-04W Brush

DC6V/9V/12/24V; Water Flow 1/1.5 L/min;Vacuum -30kpa; 305g; 101x40x72 mm;

Micro air pump small size

BD-04WB Brushless

DC6V/9V/12/24V; Water Flow 1/1.5 L/min;Vacuum -30kpa; 305g; 92x40x72 mm

BD-07W Brush

DC12V/24V; Water Flow 1L/min;Pressure: 10bar; Vacuum -30kpa; 490g; 118.5x76x62.5mm

High pressure 10bar water pump

BD-07WB Brushless

DC12V/24V; Water Flow 1L/min;Pressure: 10bar; Vacuum -30kpa; 550g; 127.8x76x65.4mm

Industries that Benefit from Our Miniature Vacuum Pumps

Explore the diverse sectors that leverage BODENFLO’s miniature vacuum pumps for enhanced performance, reliability, and efficiency in critical applications.

Medical Rehabilitation: Enhancing Therapeutic Outcomes

Our miniature vacuum pumps play a crucial role in medical rehabilitation settings, offering precise control for applications like pneumatic muscle activation, negative pressure wound therapy, and negative pressure therapy devices for lymphatic and soft tissue activation. Their reliability and customizable parameters make them ideal for specialized rehabilitation equipment, ensuring patient safety and optimized therapeutic outcomes.

Beauty and Aesthetics: Revolutionizing Cosmetic Treatments

Our miniature vacuum pumps are making waves in the beauty and aesthetics industry, offering innovative solutions for various cosmetic treatments. These pumps are utilized in procedures such as microdermabrasion, vacuum-assisted facials, and body contouring. Their precise control and reliability ensure effective treatment delivery, leading to enhanced results and client satisfaction. Their compact design and customizable parameters make them highly adaptable for specialized beauty applications, contributing to operational efficiency and elevated treatment experiences.

Industrial Automation: Pioneering Applications in Advanced Manufacturing

Our miniature vacuum pumps are pivotal in the realm of industrial automation, finding applications in diverse areas such as glass vacuum lifters, vacuum clamps, robotic systems, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines, and 3D printers. These pumps offer the suction and hold force required for secure material handling and precise component placement. Their compact form factor and energy-efficient design make them an ideal choice for seamless integration into automated systems, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

Liquid Handling Applications: Versatility in Fluid Management

Our miniature vacuum pumps are not limited to air and gas applications; they also excel in liquid handling scenarios. These pumps are instrumental in medical devices for waste fluid evacuation, as well as in inkjet printing equipment for ink circulation. Their precise control and reliable performance ensure efficient fluid management, whether it’s removing waste liquids in medical settings or maintaining consistent ink flow in printing systems. Their compact design and customizable parameters make them highly adaptable for specialized liquid handling applications, contributing to operational efficiency and reliability.

BODENFLO Quality and Durability

When it comes to ensuring the quality and durability of our miniature vacuum pumps, BODENFLO employs a meticulous four-step quality control process. Here’s how we guarantee the highest standards:

1. Incoming Material Inspection:

Before any manufacturing begins, all incoming materials are thoroughly inspected for quality and specifications. This ensures that only high-grade materials are used in the production process.

BODENFLO Office Display

2. First Article Inspection:

After the initial production run, the first completed pump undergoes a comprehensive inspection to confirm that all design specifications and quality requirements have been met. This sets the quality benchmark for the entire production batch.

BODENFLO Workshop display

3. In-Process Inspection:

During the manufacturing process, random inspections are conducted at various stages. This is known as in-process or patrol inspection. It helps in early detection of any potential issues, allowing for immediate corrective actions.

BODENFLO Customer visits

4. Final Product Inspection:

Before any pump leaves our facility, it undergoes a final inspection to ensure it meets all quality standards and specifications. This includes functional tests, dimensional checks, and visual inspections.

BODENFLO Customer visits

Customization Options


At BODENFLO, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer extensive customization options to meet your specific needs. Here’s how we provide flexibility in our high-flow miniature vacuum pumps:

Flow Rate Adjustments

Tailor the flow rate to your application's requirements. Whether you need high or low flow rates, we've got you covered.

Pressure Settings

Customize the pressure settings to achieve the perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency.

Material Choices

Choose from a variety of materials for the pump's components to ensure compatibility with the fluids you'll be handling.

Power Options

Select the DC voltage and power settings that align with your operational needs, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems.

Port Configurations

Opt for the port size and type that best suits your setup, enhancing ease of installation and operation.

Additional Features

Add on features like built-in pressure gauges, thermal protection, and more for a fully tailored pumping solution.

OEM Solutions

We offer OEM customization for clients who require highly specialized pump configurations.

Quality Meets Affordability: ISO9001 Certified, CE and ROHS Compliant Micro Pumps at Competitive Prices

Why Choose BODENFLO's Miniature Vacuum Pumps?

When it comes to miniature vacuum pumps, BODENFLO stands out for several compelling reasons. Our pumps are not just another piece of equipment; they are engineered solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Below are some of the unique features that set our pumps apart from the competition:

Bodenflo Micro Pump Manufacturer

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

At BODENFLO, we understand that performance and reliability are non-negotiable in industrial applications. Our miniature vacuum pumps are engineered with cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled performance. Rigorous testing ensures that each unit meets the highest standards of reliability, providing you with a dependable solution for your operational needs.

Micro vacuum pump parameters customized-bodenflo

Customizable Parameters for Specific Applications

Every industry has unique requirements, and a one-size-fits-all approach is often insufficient. That’s why BODENFLO offers customizable parameters for our miniature vacuum pumps. Whether you need higher pressure, increased flow rate, or specific material compatibility, we can tailor our products to meet your exact specifications.

Industry certification iso9001-ce-rosh-fcc-bodenflo China leading miniature pump manufacturer

Compliance with International Quality Standards

Quality assurance is at the core of BODENFLO’s operations. Our miniature vacuum pumps are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards, including ISO and CE certifications. This ensures that you receive a product that not only meets but often exceeds industry requirements, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate through our comprehensive FAQs to find quick answers to your pressing questions. From product customization to quality assurance, this section aims to resolve your queries and facilitate an informed decision-making process.

Types of Miniature Vacuum Pumps

Miniature vacuum pumps primarily come in two types: Miniature Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps and Miniature Piston Vacuum Pumps. Each type has its own unique structure and operating principle, making them suitable for different applications. Let’s delve into the structural principles of each.

Miniature Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

A Miniature Diaphragm Vacuum Pump operates using a flexible diaphragm that moves back and forth within a chamber. As the diaphragm contracts, it creates a vacuum, drawing air or fluid into the chamber. When the diaphragm expands, it pushes the air or fluid out of the chamber. The diaphragm is typically made of durable materials like PTFE or rubber, which allows it to maintain its shape and effectiveness over time. This type of pump is often used in medical, laboratory, and environmental applications due to its ability to handle a variety of fluids and its relatively quiet operation.

Miniature Piston Vacuum Pumps

In contrast, a Miniature Piston Vacuum Pump uses a piston mechanism to create a vacuum. The piston moves within a cylindrical chamber, and as it moves upward, it creates a low-pressure area, drawing air or fluid into the chamber. As the piston moves downward, it compresses the air or gas, pushing it out of the chamber. Piston pumps are generally made of metal components, making them highly durable and capable of handling higher pressures. They are commonly used in industrial applications where high pressure and durability are essential.

Both types of pumps can be powered by a Direct Current (DC) motor, offering flexibility and adaptability in various settings.

You can easily purchase or customize BODENFLO’s miniature vacuum pumps through our official website’s Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can send an inquiry directly from this product page to get more information on pricing, customization options, and availability. Our team is always available to assist you with your specific needs and ensure you get the right pump for your application.

The cost of our sample miniature vacuum pumps varies depending on the specific model and parameters you choose. Prices generally range from $10 to $200. For a more accurate quote tailored to your needs, please reach out to us through the Contact Us page or send an inquiry directly from this product page.

Selecting the right pump depends on various factors such as pressure requirements, flow rates, and application-specific needs. Our experts are available for consultation to guide you through the selection process, ensuring an optimal match for your operational requirements.

If you choose our regular parameters, the delivery time is usually 1-3 days.
For special customization, such as special voltage, special rubber material, special parameters, the delivery time is usually 20-30 days.

We accept a variety of payment methods, including wire transfers, credit cards, and Letters of Credit (LC), providing flexibility and convenience for your transactions.

Yes, we offer tiered pricing for bulk orders. The more units you purchase, the more cost-effective the per-unit price becomes, offering economies of scale for your business.

Our miniature vacuum pumps come with a standard one-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects and performance issues, giving you peace of mind for your investment.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the sale. We offer comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance services and spare parts availability, ensuring long-term reliability of your pumps.

Absolutely. Our pumps are designed to meet or exceed environmental regulations, including RoHS and REACH, aligning with sustainability goals and eco-friendly operations.

Yes, our pumps are engineered to be energy-efficient, minimizing power consumption while maximizing output.

Custom Miniature Vacuum Pumps with Easy

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Approve for Sample/Mass Production

We will start production after getting your approval and deposit, and we will handle the shipment.


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