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BODENFLO’s micro piston pumps redefine versatility, catering to a range of industries with unwavering precision. From enhancing the efficiency of juice extractors and beer dispensers to powering medical and aesthetic equipment, our pumps shine in applications like vacuum lifters.

In vacuum lifters, our micro piston vacuum pumps offer robust performance, ensuring seamless material handling and elevated productivity. With BODENFLO pump at the core, your operations are powered by precision, enabling excellence across various domains.

BD-07 Series Brush

108x43x87mm;  DC12V/24V; Flow 15-40 L/min;Pressure 4.5-6.5bar; Vacuum -80-85kpa; 580g. 

BD-07 Series Brushless

107x43x87mm;  DC12V/24V; Flow 15-40 L/min;Pressure 4.5-6.5bar; Vacuum -80-85kpa; 540g. 

BD-07 Metal Series Brush

108x43x85.5mm;  DC12V/24V; Flow 15-40 L/min;Pressure 4.5-6.5bar; Vacuum -80-85kpa; 600g. 

BD-07 Metal Series BLDC

107x43x85.5mm;  DC12V/24V; Flow 15-40 L/min;Pressure 4.5-6.5bar; Vacuum -80-85kpa; 560g. 

BD-079 Series Brush

123.5x56x103.5mm;  DC12V/24V; Flow 30-50 L/min;Pressure 7bar; Vacuum -85kpa; 800g. 

NO1 High flow Micro piston air compressor pump

Elevate Your Competitive Advantage with the BD-08 Series.

With a spotlight on precision engineering, this patented marvel finds its niche in the realm of high-end industries. From powering rapid 3D printers to fueling high-pressure cleaning equipment, environmental monitoring instruments, and advanced medical rehabilitation devices, our pump’s capabilities are unparalleled.

Embodying unmatched ingenuity, our micro piston compressor pump boasts an impressive 80L high flow rate while weighing under 900g – a blend of power and lightweight excellence. In the realm of innovation, BODENFLO stands as a solitary beacon. In China, there’s no second contender in sight.

BD-08 Series Double-head BLDC

106.5x64x131mm;  DC24V; Flow 80 L/min;Pressure 7bar; Vacuum -85kpa; 803g. 

BD-08 Series Single-head Brushless

100x67x97mm;  DC24V; Flow 45 L/min;Pressure 6bar; Vacuum -85kpa; 690g.

BD-08 Series Double-head Brush

150x52x131mm;  DC24V; Flow 80 L/min;Pressure 7bar; Vacuum -85kpa; 1.18kg.

BD-08 Series Single-head Brush

145×67.4x97mm;  DC24V; Flow 45 L/min;Pressure 6bar; Vacuum -85kpa; 1kg.

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All You Need to Know About Micro piston pumps

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Micro Piston Pumps. In the world of precision fluid handling, these compact and versatile devices play a vital role across various industries. From their unique advantages to the selection process and applications, we’ll dive into the intricate details that make Micro Piston Pumps a cornerstone of modern technology. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking deeper insights or a newcomer exploring the possibilities, this guide aims to provide you with a clear and informed understanding of Micro Piston Pumps. Join us on this journey as we unravel the inner workings and practical applications of these innovative pumping solutions.

What Are the Advantages of Micro Piston Pumps?

These advantages collectively position Micro Piston Pumps as a powerful solution for various fluid handling challenges in diverse industries.


Compact Size

Micro Piston Pumps feature a compact design, ideal for space-constrained applications and seamless integration into diverse systems.

Oil-Free Operation

Micro Piston Pumps operate without oil, ensuring purity in critical applications like medical devices, analytical instruments, and food processing.

Pressure and Vacuum Generation

it can generate both positive pressure and negative pressure (vacuum) to compress or transfer air or gases, making them suitable for various scenarios.

Longevity and Reliability

Built with precision-engineered components and robust materials, Small Piston Pumps are designed to withstand rigorous operational conditions, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

High Flow Rate

With impressive flow rates, Micro Piston Pumps efficiently move fluids or gases, suitable for quick fluid circulation.


With their compact size and customizable configurations, these pumps can be adapted to a wide range of applications across industries, from medical devices to industrial automation.

High Pressure Performance

These pumps excel at generating high pressures, allowing them to handle demanding tasks that involve pushing fluids through narrow channels or into pressurized systems.

Micro Piston Pumps vs Micro Diaphragm Pumps

Micro piston pumps and micro diaphragm pumps are two common types of miniature pumps used in various applications. Each type has its unique features and advantages, catering to different requirements in different industries. In this section, we will compare micro piston pumps and micro diaphragm pumps based on their structural differences, working principles, and suitable applications.

Micro Piston pump

BODENFLO piston pump 3D
BODENFLO piston pump 3D


  1. Piston: The primary moving component that reciprocates within a cylinder, creating suction and discharge strokes for fluid or gas transfer.
  2. Valves: Similar to micro diaphragm pumps, micro piston pumps also use check valves to control flow direction and prevent reverse flow.
  3. Cylinder: The housing for the piston, allowing it to move back and forth while creating pressure and vacuum conditions.
  4. Drive Mechanism: Depending on the design, micro piston pumps can be driven by various mechanisms, such as brush or brushless motors.


Micro Piston Pumps: These pumps consist of a piston that moves back and forth within a cylinder. The piston’s movement creates suction and discharge strokes, allowing the pump to draw in and expel fluids or gases. They are characterized by their compact design and high flow rates.

Suitable Applications

Due to their ability to generate higher pressures and handle higher flow rates, micro piston pumps are commonly used in applications such as vacuum systems, fluid transfer, and pressure generation applications.

Micro Diaphragm Pump

BODENFLO diaphragm pump 3D
BODENFLO diaphragm pump 3D


  1. Diaphragm: The central component that flexes up and down to create pressure variations, driving fluid or gas movement.
  2. Valves: Check valves that ensure unidirectional flow by allowing fluid to pass in one direction while preventing backflow.
  3. Chambers: Enclosed spaces where the diaphragm movement creates alternating pressure changes, facilitating pumping action.
  4. Drive Mechanism: Often driven by a motor or solenoid, the mechanism causes diaphragm movement and controls the pump’s cycle.


Micro Diaphragm Pumps: These pumps utilize a flexible diaphragm that moves up and down to create pressure variations. The diaphragm’s movement controls the pumping action, allowing fluids or gases to be transferred. They are known for their low pulse operation and suitability for precision applications.

Suitable Applications

Their pulse-free operation and precise flow control make micro diaphragm pumps suitable for medical and analytical instruments, as well as applications where accurate dosing is crucial.

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What Materials Are Used in Micro Piston Pumps?

Micro Piston Pumps are designed with careful consideration of the materials used to ensure reliable and efficient operation. The choice of materials plays a crucial role in determining the pump’s performance, durability, and compatibility with various fluids or gases. Let’s explore the key materials commonly used in micro piston pumps:

Cylinder and Piston:

The cylinder and piston are critical components that directly impact the pump’s fluid handling capabilities. They are often crafted from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or engineering plastics. Stainless steel offers corrosion resistance and durability, making it suitable for handling a wide range of fluids. Aluminum is lightweight and offers good strength-to-weight ratio. Engineering plastics provide chemical compatibility and reduce friction, enhancing the overall efficiency of the pump.

Valve Materials:

Micro piston pumps incorporate valves that control the flow direction and prevent backflow. Valves are typically made from materials like elastomers, such as EPDM or Viton, which offer excellent sealing properties and resistance to various fluids. Valves may also feature stainless steel or other compatible materials for the valve seats.

Custom Material Procurement

Sealing Components:

Sealing components, such as O-rings and gaskets, are crucial to prevent leaks and maintain optimal performance. These components are often made from elastomers like Nitrile, Viton, or EPDM, chosen based on their compatibility with the fluids being pumped and their sealing capabilities.

Bearings and Bushings:

To facilitate smooth piston movement and minimize friction, micro piston pumps may incorporate bearings or bushings. These components are typically made from materials like PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) or bronze, offering low friction, wear resistance, and durability.

Housing Materials:

The housing of micro piston pumps is usually constructed from materials that provide structural integrity and protection to internal components. Engineering plastics or metals like aluminum are commonly used for the housing, offering a balance between durability and weight.

Overall Considerations:

The choice of materials depends on the specific application, the compatibility of the materials with the pumped media, and the desired pump performance. Manufacturers often select materials that optimize efficiency, longevity, and reliability while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

ISO certification-bodefnlo

The cost of micro piston pumps can vary based on several factors that influence their design, manufacturing, and performance capabilities. Understanding these factors can help customers make informed decisions when considering the purchase of micro piston pumps. Here are the key factors that influence the cost of micro piston pumps:

What Factors Influence the Cost of Micro Piston Pumps?

1. Materials: The choice of materials used in the construction of micro piston pumps significantly impacts their cost. High-quality materials that offer durability, chemical resistance, and compatibility with different fluids may contribute to a higher cost.

2. Manufacturing Complexity: The complexity of the pump’s design and manufacturing process plays a role in its cost. Pumps with intricate components, precise tolerances, and advanced features may require more time and resources to produce, leading to higher costs.

3. Performance Specifications: Micro piston pumps with specific performance specifications, such as high flow rates, pressure capabilities, or vacuum generation, may be more costly due to the precision engineering and specialized components required to achieve those specifications.

4. Customization: Customized micro piston pumps designed to meet unique application requirements may involve additional engineering and development costs, impacting the overall price.

5. Quality Standards: Pumps manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, such as ISO certification and compliance with industry regulations, may have a higher cost due to the investment in quality assurance processes.

micro air pump BRUSH MOTOR

6. Volume and Demand: The volume of micro piston pumps ordered and the demand in the market can affect the cost. Higher production volumes often lead to economies of scale, resulting in lower unit costs.

7. Brand Reputation: Established brands known for their quality and reliability may price their micro piston pumps higher based on their reputation and customer trust.

8. Additional Features: Pumps with added features such as integrated sensors, controls, or communication interfaces may come at a premium cost.

9. Technical Support and Warranty: Manufacturers that offer comprehensive technical support and longer warranties may reflect those added services in the pump’s cost.

10. Market Competition: Competitive market conditions can influence the pricing of micro piston pumps. Manufacturers may adjust their prices based on market trends and competition.

Where Are Micro Piston Pumps Commonly Applied?

Micro piston pumps find versatile applications across various industries due to their compact size, efficient performance, and ability to generate both pressure and vacuum conditions. Their adaptability makes them a valuable choice for a wide range of tasks. Let’s explore two typical applications where micro piston pumps excel:

Miniature piston pumps are used in vacuum glass lifters, portable lifters, automated handling systems and more.

Miniature piston vacuum pump for vacuum therapy, cryolipolysis, microdermabrasion, slimming and liposuction.

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