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The essence of the medical industry market demands precision, reliability, flexibility, long life and low noise, this is why Shenzhen Boden Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Brand: BODENFLO) is often relied upon by medical and health equipment manufacturers.

Key Applications


Negative pressure pumps help in drawing out fluid and infections from wounds


Shockwave Therapy device uses efficient, compact, and durable mini compressor pumps


Vacuum therapy device proven effective in up to 90% of Erectile Dysfunction

High-flow micro diaphragm air pump for medical health

BODENFLO’s products offer unparalleled miniature OEM pumps & compressors that create miniature diaphragm pumps with high flow rates and low noise. The BD-01 series through BD-04 series, utilizing long-life brushless motors, corrosion-resistant FKM valve & diaphragms, ensure longevity and stability, allowing engineers and manufacturers to develop new products faster and help more patients.

In addition, BODENFLO offers a wide range of custom services with outstanding design and development capabilities to make tomorrow’s medical innovations a reality today.

Recommended miniature diaphragm pumps

micro diaphragm pumps


BD-01V-L Miniature diaphragm pump for vacuum, dimensions 45x25.5x15.5mm(LxWxH), weight 24g. Compact size, suitable for battery-powered devices. For example, negative pressure wound therapy device.



BD-07A-M Micro pump for pressure, size 108x85.5x43mm(LxWxH), weight 508g. Max pressure 5bar, max flow 30L/min high pressure, suitable for compact equipment. For example, table-top shock wave therapy machine, etc.

Micro air vacuum pumps


BD-04VB Micro diaphragm pump for vacuum, size 92.3x72x40mm(LxWxH),weight 305g.-85kpa high vacuum, long life, suitable for small equipment. S. For example, male dysfunction rehabilitation therapy instrument, etc.


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BODENFLO More Medical Applications

Physical therapy equipment

In home medical equipment, miniature diaphragm pumps are used to deliver medications or other therapies to patients. For example, they may be used in a nebulizer to deliver medication in the form of a fine mist that can be inhaled, or used in home oxygen generators to deliver oxygen to patients. Home oxygen concentrators are often used to treat patients with respiratory conditions, such as COPD or asthma, or those who have low levels of oxygen in their blood. They are portable and can be used in a variety of settings, providing a convenient and portable way for patients to receive oxygen therapy.

Home medical equipment

Miniature diaphragm pumps are often used in physical therapy equipment to deliver air or other gases to assist with treatment or rehabilitation.In a compression device, for example, the miniature diaphragm pump is used to deliver a stream of air to inflate a sleeve or chamber that applies pressure to a specific area of the body. This can be helpful in reducing swelling, improving circulation, and relieving muscle tension. Miniature diaphragm pumps are also used in other types of physical therapy equipment, such as massage devices. While in massage devices they may be used to deliver air or other gases to the treatment area.


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