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Want to wholesale micro air pumps abroad? This ultimate solution guide would help you everything about wholesaling micropump products.

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Miniature pumps guide
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Feedback from our partners - Hot Products

BODENFLO deals not only in wholesale micro air pumps, but they also sell mini vacuum pumps and micro liquid pump products in bulk. Here are some of our products that customers love:

We are very strict with the production of our products, going through several processes from the inspection of raw materials to the processing of the finished product. We want to make sure that each miniature pump you receive is 100% quality tested.

If you want to purchase pump accessories together, like tubes, check valves, shock absorbers, mufflers, etc., we need to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the accessories, so it takes a lot of time to purchase and verify them.

But it’s all worth it because we provide a one-stop service that saves consumers time and cost, and when consumers receive the product, they will be as happy as when we send out the goods.

Estimated Purchasing Costs

All the money paid to Bodenflo for the purchase of their products is secure. Below is an outline of costs you will incur:

Product Sample Fee

We sell miniature pumps with a very large number of specifications. For each sample, it is produced after placing an order. If you need 1-10 samples, you need to pay the standard sample fee.

Wholesale price

Buy the miniature pump model you need at wholesale price, usually the wholesale price is 20%-50% of the sample fee, it is determined by different quantity.

Miscellaneous fees

It is any other fees related to taxes and transportation. They are usually amounts according to different countries as well as different types of transportation.

Shenzhen technology
Shipping Fee

This is the amount you will pay for shipping your product from the factory to your doorstep. Usually we choose DHL, FEDEX, UPS, internationally known courier companies. Of course, BODENFLO offers you any kind of convenience.

50% T/T Fee

You can decide to pay the full amount or pay 50% of the full amount for wholesale.

50% Final Fee

You can complete the payment and receive the products you ordered within a certain period of time.

Estimated manufacturing and shipping times

We work fast. With the increasing number of customers approaching us, we have no other option but to prioritize speed. Let’s look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:

pump housings factory
Step 1 Manufacturing time

We injection mold the pump housings in our factory. We assemble them into pumps during the manufacturing process.

pack and box all products
Step 2 Time to pack and box all products

Our mini pumps are protected by EPE inner tray. The staff labeled the products with parameters and packed them into cartons. Because this is a simple job, they take only a short time.

Customs clearance and loading time
Step 3 Customs clearance and loading time

A stable freight forwarder partner comes to the factory to pick up the goods and arrange transportation. After arriving at the destination country, you will receive the notification of customs clearance. After customs clearance, the package will be arranged to each delivery point.

Sea and land shipping time
Step 4 Sea and land shipping time

International express shipping time, 5-8 days. Sea freight shipping time 30-40 days. Once the product arrives at its destination, you will receive an alert. You can plan how to pick up your shipped goods.

The whole process of producing a miniature pump

This is what we do when we produce a miniature air pump, small vacuum pump.

producing a miniature pump
The process of making the miniature pump

Injection molding - Assembly - Testing parameters

Quality control of micro pump

IQC (Incoming Quality Control)-IPQC (InPut Process Quality Control)-FQC (Finally Quality Control)

Packaging of pumps

We protect each pump from shipping damage. We accept customized text for our labels and cartons.

Is it as good as Park,KNF's pump? What you need to know:

To take away your worries, here are some facts you need to know about our miniature pumps.

Do you offer free shipping on your wholesale mini air pumps?

Unfortunately, no. You will have to pay a small fee for shipping wholesale miniature pumps.

How long will it take for me to receive the goods I have ordered?

If the product is no customization, usually within 1-3days.
If the product is customized, usually within 1 month.

Can you replace products that have been damaged in transit?
  • This rarely happens, as we are proactive in insuring our shipments and we make sure that all products are well packaged before shipping.
  • However, in the unlikely event that this happens, we will first replace the damaged product to the customer, then contact the courier company to determine the damage and then apply for compensation.
What construction of pumps does BODENFLO manufacture?
  • By construction: eccentric diaphragm air pumps, eccentric diaphragm liquid pumps, reciprocating piston air pumps
  • By use: inflatable pump, suction pump, suction water pump, self-priming pump
  • By type: miniature air pump, miniature vacuum pump, miniature water pump, miniature liquid pump.
What are the minimum and maximum air flow rates for BODENFLO wholesale miniature air pumps?
  • Our minimum air flow rate is 0.3L/min and maximum
  • air flow rate is 80L/min.
    The range of air flow options is 0.3-80L/min.
  • The range of pressure range is 0.5-7bar(7.2-100psi)
  • The range of vacuum range is -30~95kpa(225-710mmHg).
Why BODENFLO micro pump?
  • Shenzhen Bodenflo Technology Development Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001 quality system management and the products have passed ROHS and CE certification.
  • All our products are guaranteed and the price is favorable.
  • We serve every customer with heart and soul, and can provide not only technical solutions but also good after-sales service.
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