Mini Piston Pumps for air and vacuum


Customization is our standard practice: all our pumps can be modified to meet your specific requirements. And within a few days. Customized range of suction pumps:

  • Voltage: DC 12V/24V
  • Air flow: 14-50 L/min
  • Pressure: 4-7 bar (58-101psi)
  • Vacuum: -80-85 kpa (600-637.5mmHg))
  • Diaphragm Material: EPDM/FKM

• Efficient and durable design
• Smallest size and lightest weight
• Oil-free and non-contaminating media
• Maintenance free and easy to install
• Excellent air tightness
• Long life, continuous operation
• Low noise and low vibration

• Vacuum Packaging Machine
• Vacuum Juice Extractor
• Liposuction Slimming Machine
• Tire pump
• Portable Electric Sprayer
• Oxygen Concentrator


What can you get? When you buy a sample.

Oil-less Piston Air Compressor / Vacuum Pump Principle

BODENFLO micro pump construction diagram

Construction Principle:

Small oilless piston air vacuum pumps through the cylinder in the fixed crank drive piston to achieve volume changes, that is, the air in the pump cavity compression, and stretching, so as to form a high flow of vacuum (negative pressure) and positive pressure.

Typically consist of several key components, including a piston, cylinder, valves, and seals. These components work together to move gas or vacuum through the pump.

Micropump features: oil-free, maintenance-free, corrosion resistant, long life; high flow, high pressure, high vacuum, low power.

Application areas: small, portable, mobile, backpack for beauty and skin care, healthcare, home health, cleaning, power tools, etc.

MINI PISTON PUMPS Model interpretation

Samll Piston Air Vacuum Pumps Products

High-efficiency miniature air pump, miniature vacuum pumps for suction and inflation.

micro-air-pump shock absorbers



Flow: 15-40 L/min

Pressure: 4.5-6.5 bar

Vacuum: 80-85kpa


Low Cost

Micro piston pump



Flow: 15-35 L/min

Pressure: 4.5-6 bar



DC Brushlss Motor

Micro Pumps



Flow: 15-40 L/min

Pressure: 4.5-6.5 bar

Vacuum: 80-85kpa


High temperature resistance

Mini air suction piston pumps



Flow: 15-38 L/min

Pressure: 4.5-6.5 bar



Long Life Time

New Small Piston air vacuum pump



Flow: 30-50 L/min

Pressure: 7 bar

Vacuum: 80-85kpa


High Flow/Pressure/Vacuum

Discover more highlights of the BD-07 series


The “L” shape of the miniature piston pneumatic pump is designed to achieve higher pressures and flow rates using 1 piston ring. The compact design saves more space and costs.

The BD-07 series piston air pump is multi-purpose. The medium is air or slightly corrosive gases.

The 12V / 24V DC electric mini piston pump has 1 inlet and 1 outlet port.
The outlet port can be used for inflation / pressurization / lifting / air compression; the inlet port can be used for vacuum / suction / compression vacuum.

To find a micro pump with a greater flow rate, click here.

BODENFLO Mini pumps

Why choose BODENFLO Manufacturing

BODENFLO® is a high-flow miniature pump manufacturer from the city of Shenzhen, China, with 15 years of experience in the development, production and international sales of miniature air pumps. The factory has obtained ISO 9001 certification. The products have been awarded several patents and are CE and ROHS certified.

BD-07 Series Micro Pump FAQS

Model description

  • “07”—Pump series  
  • “A”—Air pump (Inflatable)
  •  “V”—Vacuum pump (Suction)
  • “B”—Brushless motor

Selection guide

  1. The flow rate is no pressure flow rate.
  2. Conventional brush life is 1000 hours, brushless life is 3000 hours longer.
  3. Valve material, conventionally EPDM.
  4. Parameters can be customised.
  • Mini Piston Pumps Sample shipments by DHL/FEDEX/UPS/SF Express.
  • Air piston pump Bulk shipments by sea or by air.

Air piston pumps For Bulk

Bulk purchases of the BD-07 brushed series cost between 10 and 30USD.
Bulk purchases of the BD-07 brushless series cost between 30 and 50USD.

For Shipping by Express

1KG shipping to Europe and the USA, expect 30 USD per 1KG;

Shipping to South East Asia or Japan and Korea, expect 20 USD per 1KG.

0.5-22LPM Miniature Pumps Click here
50-80LPM miniature pump Click here

Yes, the BODENFLO factory has an ISO 9001 certificate. All products are CE and ROHS certified. We have 15 years of experience in the development and production of miniature pumps.

We usually offer silicone vibration vibration absorbing brackets, click here, which can eliminate up to 70% of the vibrations.

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