BD-079A-M/BD-079V-M Oilless OEM Small Piston Air Vacuum Pumps And Compressors

small piston pumps through the cylinder in the fixed crank drive piston to achieve volume changes.

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Oil-Less Dry Small DC Piston Pump Construction Principle:

A small piston air vacuum pumps through the cylinder in the fixed crank drive piston to achieve volume changes, that is, the air in the pump cavity compression, and stretching, so as to form a large flow of vacuum (negative pressure) and positive pressure.

Small Piston Pumps Features:

BD-079 series is a new series. The flow rate is higher than the BD-07 series and the cost is lower than the BD-08 series.

The medium is gas, with one inlet and one outlet, which can inflate and suction.

Features include a high flow rate of 50LPM, compact size, low power, no oil, and low vibration. The aluminum pump head and high-temperature resistant rubber for a longer continuous working time. Customizable as OEM pump with particular pressure and flow rate.

More features:

  • Efficient and durable design
  • Smallest size and lightest weight
  • High gas flow, high pressure, high vacuum
  • Aluminum pump head with high heat dissipation
  • Custom rubber, high temperature, and pressure resistance
  • Oil-free, no contamination of media
  • Maintenance-free, easy to operate, easy to install


Model Composition:

The BD-079 series has two types of service life.

  1. Brush motor version, 1000 hours.
  2. Brushless motor version, 5000 hours.

For DC brushless motors, we also offer a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) option. This unique feature is ideal for applications requiring precise pump output control.

BD-079 series can suction and inflation.

For precise manufacturing, we have divided the pumps into positive and negative pressure pumps.

  1. Code “A” stands for positive pressure for compression of air, pressurization, inflation, and blowing.
  2. Code “V” stands for negative pressure for compression vacuum, evacuation, and suction.


Model: BD-079A-M typical parameter:

▶ Model: BD-079A-M

  • Name: Miniature piston air pump
  • Rated Voltage: 24V/12V
  • Motor: Brush
  • Power: 100W
  • Max pressure: ≥700kPa(0.7Mpa/7bar/101.5psi)
  • Air flow(@0bar): ≥50L/min(50LPM/3000L/H)
  • Noise: 75dB


Model: BD-079V-M typical parameter:

▶ Model: BD-079V-M

  • Name: Miniature piston air pump
  • Rated Voltage: 24V/12V
  • Motor: Brush
  • Power: 100W
  • Max vacuum: ≥-85kPa(-0.85Mpa/-637.5mmHg)
  • Air flow(@0bar): ≥45L/min(45LPM/2700L/H)
  • Noise: 75dB

General Specifications

  • Inlet&outlet dimensions: ID4.0mm. OD:8.5mm
  • Dimension: 123.5 x 103.5x 56 mm(4.86 x 4.07 x 2.2 inch)
  • Weight: 800g
  • Material: Aluminium alloy pump head
  • Valve: High-temperature resistant rubber
  • Motor Type: DC Brush Motor
  • Rated Voltage: 24VDC/12VDC
  • Motor: Brush
  • Power: 100W
  • Noise:75dB
  • Working type:  Intermittent
  • Durable time: 1000hours
  • Environment temperature range: 0~45℃
  •  Ambient humidity range: <80%

Application Scope:

The BD-079 series has a wide range of applications, mainly for medical aesthetics, cleaning, and industrial equipment. Typical examples include

  • Pneumatic rehabilitation therapy instruments
  • Vacuum lifter
  • High-pressure sprayers


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