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Shenzhen Boden Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Brand: BODENFLO) stands at the forefront of industrial material handling innovation. Our Micro Vacuum Suction Pumps, known for their compact design and robust performance, are integral to a wide range of Vacuum Lifters. From versatile portable electric models to specialized equipment for handling sensitive materials like glass or stone, these pumps are pivotal in driving efficiency and precision.

Key Applications

BODENFLO’s Micro Vacuum Pumps are vital in lifting solutions, offering adaptability and efficiency for various applications. Here are key areas where they make a significant impact:

Advantages of Integrating Micro Vacuum Pumps

  • Enhanced Lifting Capacity: Micro pumps boost the lifting power of vacuum lifters, allowing them to handle heavier loads.
  • Precision and Control: These pumps offer precise control over the vacuum, crucial for handling sensitive materials like glass.
  • Energy Efficiency: The 12V and 24V vacuum pumps are designed for optimal energy use, making them suitable for battery-operated lifters.
  • Customization: BODENFLO’s range of micro pumps can be tailored to specific lifting needs, ensuring compatibility with various types of vacuum lifter

Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter

Compact micro pumps enhance efficiency in space-limited environments.

Battery Powered Lifting Devices

Low power micro pumps extend battery life, optimizing usage.

Glass Vacuum Lifters

High vacuum pumps provide powerful suction for secure glass handling.

Suction/Vacuum Equipment

Miniature pumps ensure consistent, high-performance vacuum in various industrial applications.

Stone Vacuum Lifter

Robust micro pumps enable strong vacuum for heavy stone materials.

Vacuum Gripper

Precision-engineered micro pumps offer controlled suction for delicate and precise automated handling.

High-flow micro vacuum suction pump for Vacuum Lifters


BODENFLO excels in delivering miniature vacuum pumps uniquely suited for vacuum lifters, offering high vacuum capabilities with low noise output, including both diaphragm vacuum pump and piston vacuum pumps. The BD-04 series, BD-07 series and BD-079 series, in particular, are designed with exceptional structural engineering, ensuring they are compact enough to integrate seamlessly with a variety of vacuum lifters, including small, portable models.

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Additionally, BODENFLO is dedicated to providing extensive customization services, utilizing its remarkable design and development expertise to advance vacuum lifting technology. This commitment to tailored solutions places BODENFLO at the forefront of the vacuum lifting industry, offering innovative, bespoke products that cater to the varied requirements of its clients in material handling and industrial applications.

Micro Pumps in Vacuum Lifters Case Study

Vacuum Pumps For Glass Handling Comprehensive Guide

Hot selling miniature vacuum pumps

Micro vacuum pumps, such as the 12V and 24V models offered by BODENFLO, are integral in creating the vacuum necessary for lifters to function effectively. These pumps are designed to be:

  • Compact and Lightweight: Ideal for integration into portable and battery-powered lifting devices.
  • Highly Efficient: Providing the necessary suction power while maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a range of applications, including glass and stone vacuum lifters.


BD-07V-M Piston vacuum pump, size 108x43x85.5mm(LxWxH),weight 600g; Vacuum -85kpa; Flow 35L/min, metal pump head, reliable and durabl.


BD-079V-M Micro vacuum compressor pump , size 123.5x56x103.5mm(LxWxH), weight 800g. Max vacuum -85kpa, max flow 40L/min. High load, fast suction.


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More applications for BODENFLO vacuum pumps

Robotic Material Handling

Micro vacuum pumps in robotic systems enable precise and controlled handling, ideal for automated picking and placement tasks. Their compact size and efficiency make them perfect for intricate operations in various industrial settings.

Automated Assembly Lines

In automated assembly lines, micro vacuum pumps play a crucial role, providing consistent and reliable suction. This ensures smooth component handling and assembly, enhancing productivity and accuracy in high-volume manufacturing environments.


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