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Shenzhen Boden Technology Development Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high flow miniature pumps, was founded in 2013. The company, which operates under the brand BODENFLO, is dedicated to design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service in the field of DC mini-pumps. Adhering to a philosophy of market-oriented technological innovation, Shenzhen Boden Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing value to its customers.

R&D department

The corner of R&D centre

As the CTO and founder of Shenzhen Boden Technology Development Co., Ltd.,  has successfully developed a range of micro pump products, including Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 7, Series 8, and Series 9. The BODENFLO brand is known for its ability to customize micropumps to meet the specific needs of clients. These pumps are characterized by their oil-free, high pressure,high flow, low noise, and long lifespan.

About Our Services

Direct factory with strong R&D capabilities to help clients to find the best micro air pump & micro vacuum pump solutions


Regular products& parameters are easy&fast to meet your requirements of production andcustomize for label etc...



Steps from zero to one: Demand analysis->Style design->Sample trial->Mold development->Mass production


Technical support

Rated Voltage, Pressure/Vacuum , Flow rate, DC or BLDC motor, and other wet materials will be suggested


Case Display

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re usually a team effort, and we have that dynamic group of people to help our clients make their ideas come true!

smart washing machines
For Home

Smart washing machine

At the heart of our 3rd generation smart washing machine lies its unique vacuum boiling technology, which is based on a series 4 diaphragm pump.

make-up air brush
For Beauty

Makeup Air Brush gun

The atomization spray gun makeup technology finds its place in the beauty industry as it allows for more precise application of foundation or powder.

COVID machine
For Health

Portable disinfection machine

The newly developed portable spray disinfection machine has successfully put into market, which based on our diaphragm air pump series 4.


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Why People Love "BODENFLO" Pump

Small&professional Factory

We are a reliable team of designers and fabricators with 15 years' experience in the industry. We offer quality products at affordable prices for both local clients as well as overseas markets, to ensure that you get your money's worth!

Fast Technical assistance

We have had great success in the industry by listening to our customers' needs. Feel free to contact us with your pump requirements for an estimate and we'll get back within 24 hours!

Short lead time

Sample: 3~7 days for regular parameters, or about 15 days for customize items(about 30 days for BLDC motor); Bulk order: normally in 15~30 days for order less than 10000pcs

100% quality check

All pumps we sell will be 100% tested before shipment. This includes the appearance, free flow rate and listening discrepancy checking to ensure your pump is in perfect working order!

100% Quality certificate

all our products applied to CE, ROHS and our factory were ISO9001 approved, stable performance, high flux, high pressure, high vacuum ratio with our new technology

Easy after-sales service

NO need a lot of report approval from one division to another one. Instead, an email with testing report or explanation will be helpful to solve your problem & after-sales services issue.

Customer Reviews

We take every customer seriously

We Are An International Market-Oriented Company, all products meet CE & RoHS.

Our micro air & vacuum & liquid pumps are mainly exported to Europe-America, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, and other countries.

We manufacture DC pumps. Common voltages for miniature pumps are 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V,24V.

The custom voltage range is 3-30 volts.

Miniature diaphragm air vauuum pump, miniature piston air vacuum pump, mini air compressor, miniature vacuum compressor.
Micro air pump, miniature vacuum pump, DC air pump, air suction pump.

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