How our series 4 vacuum pump helps the mini smart washing machine to win the market

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The 3rd generation washing machine has unique vacuum boiling washing technology based on our series 4 diaphragm vacuum pump, which have 5 characters:

Vacuum suction function

Max negative pressure max to -75kpa, 9L/min free flow rate, which provides the continuous negative pressure to the silicone brush, bring thousands of times imitation hand scrub effect, bring the underwear a brand new style after washing.

High temperature supported

95 Celcius degree hot water ensures 99% effect of antivirus and sterilization

Low noise

<55dB ensure a quiet environment with the end-users

Oil-less structure

Zero pollution was ensured to the water

Reliable quality

Pump testing last more than 15 months, about 1500 hours lifetime by our client, which ensure a 1-year warranty guarantee provided for the whole products

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