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Custom Miniature Air Vacuum Pump

BODENFLO specializes in the development and manufacture of miniature diaphragm air pumpsmicro air pumpsmall piston air pump . When you purchase a dc pump, providing information about the above requirements will help us provide you with the best solution.

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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of the custom pump, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

General Applications For Miniature Air Pump

It has a wide range of applications for the miniature diaphragm pumps industry prospect!

General Hot Selling Products

A miniature diaphragm pumps circulate and drive the air flow through the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm and opening and closing one-way valve group in the chamber driven by the dc power, generating negative pressure(vacuum) or positive pressure alternately. When the pump starts, achieve the effect of gas pressurization, inflation, suction, and gas or liquid transfer. In turn, it reaches the purpose of strengthening the equipment’s speed and optimizing its performance.

BODENFLO Micro pumps

BD-04 Series Diaphragm Air Pump

The BD-04 series pumps offer a choice of 7-20 L/min gas flow rates and various component configurations that allow them to be used for vacuum, pressure, or alternating vacuum and pressure operation, brushless dc motor, or brushed motor available.

Micro piston pump

BD-07 Series Piston Air Pump

The BD-07 series pump is a high flow, high pressure, ultra-compact pump ideal for portable equipment applications; it provides a brushless dc motor(longer life time) or brush motor for choice. The pump offers up to 40 l/min flow rate and 6.5 bar max for truly excellent operation in critical application environments with ultra-small size, ultra-light weight, high performance, and low cost.

Series Piston Air Pump

BD-08 Series Piston Air Pump

Boden Technology offers customization services for different parameter requirements. It must be mentioned that Boden Technology’s self-developed and designed BD-08 series can achieve a maximum air flow of 80L/min and 7bar pressure in the smallest size. Its excellent design provides good technical support for many particular fields.

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There is more product information in this catalog, you can leave us your email here and our experienced engineer will contact you within 24 hours.

Estimated Cost Analysis For Miniature Air Pump

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

Step 1: Custom Material Procurement (3-7 days)

The production department prepares the pumps according to the order requirements, with stock available for quick shipment, and raw materials not in stock need to be re-purchased, which takes some time to meet the extreme requirements of customers.

Custom Material Procurement

Step 2: Sample Production (1-2 days)

The production department prepares miniature vacuum pumps according to the order requirements, and can ship quickly if there is stock. Without stock, we need to wait for all parts to arrive before we can assemble. Our salesman will report every progress with you.

prepares miniature pumps

Step 3: Pay The Bill (within 2-3 day)

After the samples are approved, if you want to order a large quantity, we need time to purchase the raw materials, so you need to pay the deposit(normally 50% of the order value).

Pay The Bill

Step 4: Mass Production (5-10 days)

We have multiple production lines in our factory to meet the production plan, to provide fast delivery service for our clients.

Mass Production

Step 5: Shipping (7-15 days)

We recommend DHL, UPS, FEDEX for the purchase of samples, although the price is high, it is the fastest, expected to arrive within 5-7.
For large quantities, we recommend sea freight, which takes 30-40 days but is cheaper.

Shipping DHL

Want to know how to compress lead times?

You are warmly welcome to tell us your project&production schedule once the samples were tested OK. So that we make some preparations for the die casting, tooling process, material purchasing, etc…

The Basic Knowledge About Miniature Air Vacuum Pump

There are many types of pumps with complex structures. We mainly produce diaphragm structure and piston structure. The following article will help you to understand our products and instructions related to miniature air pumps.

The Common Tricks When Purchasing

*When you are wondering if this is the real manufacturer or not! *When you are worried about whether you will receive the goods after payment or not! *When you are very hesitant whether this price is too expensive or not! *You need to pay attention to the following things and let it help you judge.

You must know that there are risks involved in trading across borders. We recommend company to company payments. Especially if you purchase goods worth more than $50,000, it is a good safeguard to invite a third party organization to inspect the goods if necessary. Of course, there are ways to save money by controlling the risk! BODEN will report every important node by means of photos or videos, and we provide a dedicated docking service, so you don’t have to worry about any post-purchase problems.

Each pump, before leaving the factory, will be tested to ensure quality. We also have strict requirements for the packaging of the pump to ensure safe arrival.

Every pump deserves to be treated with care, and every customer needs to be served with the best, which is the purpose of our company.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose BODEN PUMP?

Shenzhen Boden Technology Development Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing high-quality miniature pumps that will help your business thrive by catering from R & D, manufacturing, and service aspects in one single location with about 1500 sq ft of space for each production line. The company also offers market-oriented technology innovation so you can be confident when buying their goods as they have been engineered especially for your needs!

We developed a series of micro pump products include our series 1,  series 2,  series 3,  series 4, series 7,  series 8,  series 9, etc… Our products support customization to meet the specific requirements of different clients. It has the advantage of small size, high pressure, high flow, low noise, long life, and other characteristics. 

BODENFLO factory display

Our team of experts will help you find the right pump for any application. We specialize in small, effective pumps that can be customized to meet your specific needs and are ideal for many different voltages or outputs – just ask us!

BODENFLO knowledgeable staff is here at pumps’ disposal with decades worth of experience designing custom-made products to suit each customer’s unique specifications

The FAQs About DC Miniature Air Vacuum Pump

Here are many answers you want to know, please click on the title to see.

The pump body is made of environmentally friendly materials, such as PPS or POM.
Diaphragms and valve materials are usually EPDM, with more corrosion resistant options such as PTEE or FKM.

In short, China has a better industry chain. There may be wholesalers of miniature air pumps in USA, Germany and Japan, but BODENPUMP can guarantee that our price is lower compared to them and our service is far beyond your expectation.

Air pump products are popular for all parameters, but not every market is the same. For example, some Korean customers prefer 12v mini vacuum pumps with brushless motors, so if you plan to buy them, it is better to consult our experienced sales engineers.

Of course, but it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides. Currently, anyone who come from oversea need to be isolated for more than 15 days at the isolated centre.

We have several global collection accounts, we recommend Citibank in Hong Kong, local accounts in Europe, local accounts in the US, local accounts in Korea with lower fees, or PayPal if you are comfortable with slightly higher fees, but please note that for new customers, we only accept 100% T/T on payments.

Please tell us your product application and below pump requirements: 1, free flow rate(working flow rate) 2, max pressure or vacuum degree (working pressure) 3, rated voltage, 4, noise limitation 5, any pump size&weight limitation 6, working duty? then I will match the most appropriate pump for you, or you can choose the exact model in the product manual.

Yes, buyers are required to pay a sample fee and the cost of freight/customs. However, if they want their refund issued in full upon formal ordering then we can do that too!

Refunds cannot be made, especially for custom products, which we charge in advance because the products need to be made from multiple components and there is already a problem of contamination or reduced life after use, so these products cannot be returned to BODENPUMP even if the test is not successful.

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