BD-04A/BD-04V Miniature Diaphragm Pumps for Air and Vacuum

Miniature diaphragm pumps use DC motor technology to drive a rubber diaphragm through an eccentric wheel.

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6/9/12/24V DC

Air Flow

7L/min up to 21L/min

Liquid Flow

1.5 L/min


2 bar up to 3.5 bar


-75kpa up to -85kpa





Pump Construction Principle:

Miniature diaphragm air pump is driven by a motor driven eccentric wheel to drive the diaphragm inside the pump to do reciprocating motion and the pump cavity one-way valve group open and close, circulating driven airflow, therefore generating negative and positive pressure.

Pumps Features:

BD-04 series is a miniature diaphragm gas pump, the largest feature is the small size, with mounting holes, a variety of pressure and flow options, mainly for inflatable, suction. More features of the air pump are as follows.

  • Efficient and durable design
  • Minimum size and lightest weight
  • Oil-free and non-contaminating media
  • Maintenance-free, easy to operate, easy to install
  • Excellent air tightness


Model Composition:

The life span of these small air pumps depends mainly on the type of motor used. We offer both brushed and brushless motors, up to 3000-5000 hours with premium DC brushless motors, and up to 800-1000 hours with  brush motors.

With optional brushless DC motors, we also offer Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) option. This unique feature is ideal for applications that require precise control of pump output


Typical Parameter:

Model BD-04A positive pressure pump and BD-04V negative pressure pump products, consisting of long-life brush motor and POM material pump body, the following parameters are common in the market and the most shipped parameters, we also support other parameters customization, welcome to consult.

Model: BD-04A typical parameter:

Parameter navigation

  • Air pump options:
  • Rated Voltage: 12V, 24V
  • Pressure:250kPa(2.5Bar)、300kPa(3Bar)、350kPa(3.5Bar)
  • Air flow:11L/min, 15L/min, 20L/min

Mini Air Pump Basic Specifications

▶ Model 1: BD-04A-11L

  • Name: Miniature diaphragm air pump
  • Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V
  • Power: 7W
  • Max pressure: ≥250kPa(2.5bar)
  • Air flow(@0bar): ≥11L/min
  • Noise:★

▶ Model 2: BD-04A-15L

  • Name: Miniature diaphragm air pump
  • Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V
  • Power: 10W
  • Max pressure: ≥300kPa(3bar)
  • Air flow(@0bar): ≥15L/min
  • Noise:★★

▶ Model 3: BD-04A-20L

  • Name: Miniature diaphragm air pump
  • Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V
  • Power: 10W
  • Max pressure : ≥350kPa(3.5bar)
  • Air flow(@0bar): ≥20L/min
  • Noise:★★★


Model: BD-04V typical parameter:

Parameter navigation

  • Vacuum pump options:
  • Rated Votage: 12v, 24v
  • Negative pressure(Vacuum): -75kpa(562mmHg), -80kpa(600mmHg), -80kpa(600mmHg)
  • Air flow:11L/min, 15L/min, 20L/min

Mini Vacuum Pump Basic Specifications

▶ Model 1: BD-04V-11L

● Name: Mini diaphragm vacuum pump
● Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V
● Rated current: 0.6A/0.3A(Power:7W)
● Negative pressure: ≥-75kPa(562mmHg)
● Air flow: ≥11L/min
● Noise:★

▶ Model 2: BD-04V-15L

● Name: Mini diaphragm vacuum pump
● Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V
● Rated current: 0.8A/0.4A(Power:10W)
● Negative pressure: ≥-80kPa(600mmHg)
● Air flow: ≥15L/min
● Noise:★★

▶ Model 3: BD-04V-20L

● Name: Mini diaphragm vacuum pump
● Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V
● Rated current: 1.2A/0.6A(Power:15W)
● Negative pressure: ≥-80kPa(600mmHg)
● Air flow: ≥20L/min
● Noise:★★★

General Specifications

  • Inlet&outlet dimensions: ID3.5mm. OD:6.5mm
  • Dimension: 101 x 72 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 305g
  • Material: POM
  • Valve: EPDM
  • Motor Type: DC Brush Motor
  • Rated Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Power: 5-17W
  • Noise:55-65dB
  • Working type:  Continuous or Intermittent
  • Durable time: ≥1000hours
  • Environment temperature range: 0~45℃
  •  Ambient humidity range: <80%


Application Scope:

BD-04 series of air pumps has an ultra-light weight of about 305g, flow rate up to 21 LPM, pressure up to 3.5 bar, vacuum up to -85 kpa, a wide range of applications, mainly for home, industrial equipment. Typical examples include:

  • Portable beauty oxygen injector, beauty liposuction device
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy instruments
  • Gas analysis
  • Pressure and vacuum industrial instruments, etc.



Mini diaphragm vacuum pump

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