Features and Applications of DC Brushed Motors & Brushless in Micro pumps

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Direct Current pump motors are classified into two; brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors.

Electrical motors can either be alternating current or ac motors or direct current motors, each with different uses and functions. Alternating Current motors are valued for their greater power efficiency and output, whereas Direct Current motors are valued for their speed regulation and the range of output.

Both the brushed and brushless pump motors are employed in a number of applications in industries and in household appliances. The brushed pump motors use electrical brushes in order to deliver current, whereas a brushless motor does not demand the use of brushes since it flips inside out.

This article will continue to provide you with everything you need to know about Features and applications of DC brushed motors & brushless in micro pumps in the following way.

Brushless DC motors

A brushless dc motor is normally used to provide a high torque across a wide range of speeds. They are very flexible and reliable since they lack brushes – DC motors are normally estimated to be 75-90% more efficient than brushed DC motors. They’re renowned for their quiet operation and the ability to retain torque even when stationary.

What is the application of brushless DC motor in micro pump?

Features: Electronic commutation is used instead of carbon brush commutation, so there is basically no electromagnetic interference, and the life span is longer. Also can use duty cycle to adjust the speed of the motor (pwm speed regulation), so as to achieve the purpose of indirect pump flow regulation. Brushless motors can also be customized with more functions, such as FR (forward and reverse control), FG (speed feedback signal), etc.

Micro air pump and micro vacuum pump with brushless motor is more suitable for continuous operation around the clock, or need frequent start/stop occasions.

What are the other applications of brushless DC motors?

Automotive industry

These dc motors are employed in different vehicle components, including windows, fans and elevators. They are mostly preferred for use in electric cars due to their endurance and durability.

Industrial robots

Brushless dc motors have become the widely used form of holding device as robot technology has advanced. With their precise control capabilities, these motors aid in the production of accurate robotic devices and gadgets. They are flexible and efficient with a compact design.

Drone systems

A Tiny and lighter motor is used in drones to in achieving the direction change. These motors must always have the ability to tolerate higher temperatures.

How does brushless DC motor work?

Brushless DC motors employ circuits instead of brushes and commutators. Brushless DC motors typically contain three coils, each of which is coupled to a semiconductor circuit. The current flow is alternated by turning the semiconductor switches off and on, which provides the changing magnetic field that enables the motor to rotate.   Also, the semiconductor switches are activated by employing a magnetic sensor to determine the direction of the permanent magnet dc motor.

Advantages Of brushless DC motors in micro air pump

Low cost of maintenance

Since these friction brushless dc motors lack carbon brushes, friction is greatly reduced, which reduces the frequency with which brushes must be replaced and the resulting cost of maintenance.


This motor longevity is estimated to be twice that of a brushed DC motor. They lack brushes that generate a lot of shocks, which leads to a shorter lifespan.

Compact design

These motors come in tiny, portable designs and have a high power-to-weight ratio, making them excellent for many robotics and pharmaceutical industries, including robotic legs and arms.

Quiet operations

Unlike other motors with regular brush contact, brushless motors generate low operating noise. As a result, brushless DC motors are most preferred in applications that demand quiet operations.

Regulate temperature

Motors such as brushed motors have their electromagnets at the center, therefore, taking a long time to cool during an operation. Brushless dc motors, on the other hand, don’t have their electromagnet in the center, which reduces the heating problem.

Brushed DC motors

These are the most basic forms of DC motors. Through mechanical commutation, they employ brushes to transmit electricity to the motor coils.

A brushed DC motor’s quality is always defined by the number of windings around the motor. No controllers are required to run or modify the speed of this motor. It has a permanent field magnet and a rotor or armature.

How does brushed DC motor work?

Brushed systems comprise coils on the armature that are encircled by magnets in the stator. The commutator is attached to the coil’s two ends. The commutator then links to electrodes known as brushes, causing direct current electric power to move through the coils and brushes for as long as the two components remain in contact.

When the coil spins, it gets to a point where the commutator and brushes are no longer in touch, stopping the current flow through the coil. Yet, the coil’s momentum enables it to continue spinning. This reconnects the commutator and brushes, reinstating the power that is now flowing through a different coil. The motor continues to rotate as a result of the periodic changing of the current flow.

What is the application of brush DC motor in miniature pump?

Features: Brush motor torque is generally larger,), so the brush micro vacuum pump negative pressure, flow and other parameters can be higher, BODENFLO production of brush product quality, performance, reliability are better. For example, BD-01 series, BD-02 series, BD-03 series, BD-04 series, BD-07 series, BD-08 series produced by BDDENFLO.

In a word, the overall cost of brushed miniature vacuum pump is cheaper than the miniature vacuum pump with high-grade brushless motor; however, the life of brushed miniature vacuum pump is slightly shorter than that of high-grade brushless one.

What are the other applications of brushless DC motors?

While brushed dc motors are most seen in domestic applications, they are also used in the industries due to their versatility in adjusting the torque to speed ratio.

Rushed dc motors are utilized in a variety of applications, from toys to Jacuzzi pump. A Brushed dc motor controls the majority of automated automobile windows and seat adjustments. Because of its low cost and compact design, the Brushed Motor has long been a favorite in the automobile industry.

Some of the sectors which employ brushed motors in their operations include cranes, paper and sewing machines, electrical propulsion, steel-rolling mills, and power tools.

Advantages of brushed DC motorin micro air pump


Brushed DC motors are not costly as compared to a brushless dc motor. Also, their cost of construction is low.

Tolerant to severe conditions

Due to the lack of electronics, they are suited for severe environments. Their fixed speeds do not necessitate the use of a controller.

Simple design

These motors are easier to configure. They have a compact design with the ability to function without an electrical power circuit.

What is the difference between brushless DC and brushed motors?

Some of the differences between brushed and brushless dc motors include;

Brushes are not used in the BLDC motor type. This shift implies that brushless dc motors are more dependable since there are fewer internal components to deal with. Also, brushless motors tend to be durable since there is no contact between the mechanical commutator and the brushes.

Brushless motors have control mechanisms, and therefore they can change speed to greater degrees, as well as fast, decelerate and accelerate, allowing for the most effective use of energy and productivity in terms of output. Brushless dc motors typically are lighter than brushed motors, although they can provide comparable energy output.


Although brushless DC motors seem to have overtaken brushed DC motors in terms of longevity and dependability, brush DC motors are still viable for many applications. This brief guide has discussed some of the advantages and applications of both brushed and brushless dc motors. Also, we have discussed the differences between brushless dc and brushed motors.

With this guide, you can now buy the right DC brushed and brushless version of your micro pump from reputable manufacturers like BODENFLO.

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