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China BODENFLO product BD-08 series miniature double-cylinder piston pump (type oil-free air compressor, small vacuum compressor, high flow small air pump), is a new and unique design.

Maximum flow rate 80LPM, maximum pressure 7bar, maximum vacuum -85kpa, narrowest size 52mm, in this parameter, has the world’s smallest size and light weight, suitable for a variety of portable, small equipment.

It can work stably in harsh environment, high quality, good performance and competitive price.

It can improve the competitive advantage of the products in some special fields, and can even be used as a substitute for the small air pumps of TOMAS and VIAIR in the United States, and oil-free vacuum or piston compressor of BIOMEC in the Brazil.

BD-08AB/BD-08VB parameters

1. Product name:

Small oil-free piston air pump, small oil-free piston vacuum pump, small air compressor , small vacuum compressor, Piston compressor, micro air pump, micro vacuum pump

2. Medium: air, gas

3. Use: positive pressure (inflation, pressurization, pumping, compression); negative pressure ( suction, vacuum adsorption)

4. Overall dimensions:

  • L:132 mm (5.2 inch)
  • W:52 mm (2.05 inch)
  • H: 87.5 mm (3.44 inch)

5. Working voltage: DC 24 V(conventional); DC 12 V (Special)

6. Max. pressure: 100 psi/7 bar
Max. flow rate (@0 bar): 80 LPM

7. Max. vacuum: -85 kpa(637.5 mmHg)
Max. flow rate(@0 bar):70 LPM

8. Motor type: Brushless motor, >5000 hours (brush optional, >1000hours)

9. Work cycle: intermittent or continuous work

10. Noise: 60-80dB

11. Other information: with mounting holes, muffler

12. Pump structure: Positive displacement, reciprocating, piston type

BD-08 Series product advantages

 piston air pumps
  • Double head design-smaller size
  • Air inlet and outlet design – use positive pressure to inflate and pressurize, use negative pressure to absorb, vacuum, adsorption
  • Piston construction design – compact structure
  • High torque brushless motor – efficient and durable
  • Aluminium material – ultra light & high temperature resistant
  • 4 hole fixing – easy to operate & install
  • Flexible pump head – can be adjusted in 4 directions
  • FKM valve  – enhanced life

How to choose a suitable air compressor products

scale image

1. Mainly focus on the following points.

2. Select the matching working voltage

3. Select the matching working current (whether the use of environmental current limit)

4. Confirm how much working pressure needs to be used, according to the supporting equipment working conditions, choose the appropriate working pressure.

5. Confirm the consumption of gas flow, different working pressure, the gas flow is different, 0PSI pressure out of the gas flow is the largest, the greater the pressure, the smaller the gas flow.

6. Confirm the operating conditions of the air pump, involving the installation environment (indoor and outdoor, temperature and humidity, etc.), installation space size, continuous working hours, working frequency, working pressure, and power line taking distance.

Application reference

1. Pneumatic clutch

Using a small amount of air to accelerate the engagement and disengagement of the clutch disc, these clutches are used in the machinery industry where motor-driven loads need to be stopped sharply and without slipping.

2. Braking Aids

Braking aids help reduce braking distances and enhance protection in emergency situations.
Electronic control systems monitor brake speed, recognize “emergency stops” and initiate full braking within seconds, reducing vehicle braking distances by up to 20%. This technology is being used in a variety of vehicles today.

3. Tire inflation

Improved front profitability through inflation technology, so it can be used on poor quality haul roads and steeply graded roads, while reducing tire wear.

4. Air sampling

Outdoor air sampling to check emissions for the presence of harmful gases, as well as excess emissions.

5. Leak detection check

Leakage is monitored and controlled by a pressure detector to keep very small amounts of leakage to a certain level.

6. Shockwave

Oil-free maintenance-free DC miniature air pump, air compressor products, with excellent performance, good stability, long life, etc., in line with Rohs standards, the product is applied to shock wave therapy.

Other small oil-free vacuum pumps, piston air compressors

Oil free vacuum pump piston compressor


Shenzhen Boden Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Brand BODENFLO) is the leading China oil-free piston compressor factory. BODENFLO has developed a unique compact mini piston compressor with CE and ROHS certifications, with core patented technology that can help your product raise the technical barriers and unlimited possibilities.

When you want to design and develop a small, portable, household device and can’t find the right pneumatic parts! The large screw air compressors, ac power, air tanks in use today do not help!
The BD-08AB-D/BD-08VB-D manufactured by BODENFLO can help you get new inspiration! This mini compressor for air and vacuum has excellent performance, DC power, energy saving, fast lead time, compact size, need more info on how we can help? Call or email us. We’ll be glad to assist you.

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