TOP 5 Cases Of Oil-free Piston Vacuum Pump, Miniature Negative Pressure Pump

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Oil-free piston vacuum pumps (miniature negative pressure pumps) have the following features:

  • Completely oil-free operation
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Long life
  • Smooth operation
  • High reliability
  • Small size and light weight
  • Portable, can be carried out to work
  • Simple structure, easy to maintain
  • Beautiful appearance

Having said that, where can it be used and what industries need it?

Oil-free piston vacuum pumps are mainly used in the following fields:

  • Medical equipment
  • Military industry
  • Scientific research equipment
  • Laboratory
  • Drying equipment
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Automatic control
  • Printing machinery
  • Packaging machinery
  • Food preservation
  • Aquaculture
  • Water purification and treatment
  • Analytical instruments
  • Beauty care
  • Advertising production
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Bio-pharmaceutical
  • Communication electronics
  • Petroleum chemical industry
  • Environmental monitoring system
  • Oxygen production in highland areas

This article filters out the 5 most common use cases for learning and reference purposes only.

Piston vacuum pump packaging machine

The application of piston vacuum pump in household micro vacuum packaging machine

The application of piston vacuum pump in household micro vacuum packaging machine Text: The main function of using piston vacuum pump for vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen, which helps to prevent the oxidation of items.
Because the food mold and spoilage is mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, most microorganisms (such as mold and yeast) require oxygen for production.
Piston vacuum pump in the home miniature vacuum packaging machine is the use of this principle, the packaging bag and the food cells in the oxygen extraction, so that microorganisms lost the production environment, so as to preserve the purpose of freshness.

Vacuum is the state of gas below atmospheric pressure within a specified period of time is collectively referred to as vacuum. The thinness of the gas in the vacuum state is called the vacuum degree, usually expressed by the pressure value. Vacuum packaging is to put the material into the bag, pump out the air inside the bag, and finish the sealing process after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree.

  • Product features of piston vacuum pump in home mini vacuum packaging machine
  • Small size and light weight
  • cheap price
  • easy to use
  • having strong applicability and being able to use different sizes of vacuum bags as far as possible
  • Minimize the oil and smoke pollution of vacuum pump

The piston vacuum pump for home miniature vacuum packaging machine has the advantages of antioxidation, water retention, moisture-proof, freshness and prolonging the shelf life of products, so it is widely used in the food industry.

Application of piston vacuum pump in automation industry

Oil-free piston vacuum pumps are very suitable for manipulators with vacuum adsorption technology to handle small pieces of materials in the current automation industry. They are very suitable for gripping thin and smooth surface metal products as well as glass, cell phone panels, electronic components, paper, etc., and have achieved stable and efficient work efficiency.

There are more and more cases of using piston vacuum pumps to grip objects on automatic work lines such as product packaging, object transfer and machine assembly.
The flexible suction cups make it easy to perform handling functions such as holding, disengaging, and transferring workpieces without damaging the objects on which they are applied.

Imported vacuum pumps in the medical business applications

The use of imported vacuum pumps to cold-dry human plasma began to enter the market, and in the following decades, the use of vacuum pumps to cold-dry long-term preservation of various organs such as arteries, bones, skin, cornea and nerve tissue gradually began to develop.
Because the biological cells can be kept undamaged when cold-drying, the organisms are still alive after cold-drying. After rehydration, the organism can be revived and reimplanted.
With the development of medical science, other organs of human body can also be expected to be stored by cold drying for revival and reimplantation.

Vacuum drying is based on the boiling temperature of liquid droplets under vacuum conditions, i.e. the physical property that liquids evaporate even at low temperatures. For example, in the pocket hole location, the liquid still exists after cleaning and is difficult to remove by other methods, while vacuum drying allows it to evaporate as quickly as the residual liquid on the surface of the workpiece.
Once the working chamber is occupied and sealed by the parts to be cleaned, a vacuum pump is needed to pump the vacuum at a pressure of about 100 mbar.
The cleaning medium is pumped through the pump to the working chamber. The vacuum chamber ensures that the cleaning fluid penetrates the smallest cavity, for example, due to the spacing of air, the jack is not negligible. The subsequent cleaning process can have a variety of different steps. Usually includes the process of immersion and spray cleaning. Sometimes ultrasonic cleaning is used, and this process is usually accompanied by one or more cleaning cycles after.
When the cleaning solution is pumped away, the actual vacuum drying process occurs. In this process, the pressure inside the working chamber is further reduced by the gas pumping of the inlet vacuum pump. And the steam generated at this time is sucked out together by the vacuum pump and transferred to the exhaust pipe.

Micro vacuum pump (negative pressure pump) in the application of beauty and body

Product Name:

  • Negative pressure roller slimming instrument
  • Beauty instrument
  • Comprehensive body shaping instrumen

Mainly through the roller mechanical massage, vacuum negative pressure adsorption, dual RF heat melting and red light and infrared light treatment four methods of synergistic effect on the skin to produce therapeutic effects.

The use of negative pressure to fold the skin technology, so that the radio frequency energy directly penetrate the two layers of folded together skin, greatly improving the effect of slimming and the safety of the use of the product, so that the upper eye curtain no longer becomes a forbidden area of operation, in order to achieve a comprehensive body-shaping and body-building effect.

Application of micro vacuum pump on negative pressure health instrument

  • Mainly based on the principle of traditional cupping, the vacuum pump is used to generate negative pressure.
  • It adopts the principle of vacuum healing to carry out the function of health adjustment.
  • According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the basic theory is drainage, with negative pressure suction and discharge as the application of drainage method.

Meridian dredging health instrument is a kind of intelligent electric cupping, scraping, massage, massage, warm moxibustion all-round meridian health instrument, consisting of an inner cover body and an outer cover body set together, with an overflow hole in the inner cover body, connecting the conduit with the inner cover body, and a microcomputer controller connected to the control circuit.
The vacuum pump generates negative pressure in the energy tank through the solenoid valve and the conduit connected to the solenoid valve.
The negative pressure produces traction massage on the human body parts. The microcomputer controller is pre-programmed to operate the control circuit to output negative pressure to the energy tank according to the preset humanized negative pressure action change mode, which can realize deep massage and achieve a full set of flexible and masculine massage action.

The meridian health instrument has a variety of different massage and physical therapy effects on the human body, and at the same time with the use of specially formulated medicinal oils, can be a comprehensive and comfortable physical therapy for the human body, is a major breakthrough in non-drug therapy in Chinese medicine.

For the above applications, BODENFLO’s miniature negative pressure pumps and oil-free piston vacuum pumps can meet the requirements. Especially the BD-04V, BD-07V, BD-08V, three models have the advantage of high vacuum and high flow rate.

Bodenpump miniature negative pressure
  • Vacuum (negative pressure): -80kpa, -85kpa, -95kpa.
  • Air flow rate: 7-35L/min
  • If there is special requirement, it can be customized.
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