What is a miniature diaphragm pump?

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A miniature diaphragm pump is a small version of the traditional compact size diaphragm air pump. It has many uses, including medical and laboratory applications.

This blog post will discuss miniature diaphragm air pumps in more depth and the features that make them beneficial for use in these areas!


A miniature diaphragm air pump circulates and drives the air flow through the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm and opening and closing one-way valve group in the chamber driven by the dc power, generating negative pressure(vacuum) or positive pressure alternately.

When the pump starts, achieve the effect of gas pressurization, inflation, suction, and gas or liquid transfer. In turn, it reaches the purpose of strengthening the equipment’s speed and optimizing its performance.

Miniature Diaphragm pump structure

The pump has the following physical characteristics:

  • small&compact size
  • oil-free
  • excellent airtightness
  • light weight, low energy, power consumption
  • low noise, slight vibration
  • long lifetime expectancy
  • easy to install
  • self-priming

It has a wide range of applications for the miniature diaphragm pumps industry prospect!

This article will continue to talk to you about miniature diaphragm pumps from the following aspects.

What types of miniature diaphragm pumps are there?

According to its transport medium can be divided into gas pumps and liquid pumps.

Diaphragm Gas pumps

The common pressure ranges and vacuum ranges of diaphragm air pumps are:

  • air positive pressures: 0.05~0.7MPa
  • air negative vacuum: -10kPa~-95kPa
  • air flow: 0.1~80L/min
  • rated voltage: 3V,6V,9V,12V,24V

Boden Technology offers customization services for different parameter requirements. It must be mentioned that Boden Technology’s self-developed and designed BD-08 series can achieve a maximum air flow of 80L/min and 7bar pressure in the smallest size. Its excellent design provides good technical support for many particular fields.

The BD-02 series dc pump is used in equipment such as handheld gas to meet specific application performance requirements. 

The BD-04 series pumps offer a choice of 7-20 L/min gas flow rates and various component configurations that allow them to be used for vacuum, pressure, or alternating vacuum and pressure operation, brushless dc motor, or brushed motor available.

The BD-07 series pump is a high flow, high pressure, ultra-compact pump ideal for portable equipment applications; it provides a brushless dc motor(longer life time) or brush motor for choice. The pump offers up to 40 l/min flow rate and 6.5 bar max for truly excellent operation in critical application environments with ultra-small size, ultra-light weight, high performance, and low cost.

All series of miniature diaphragm pumps are available in both brushed motor and brushless motor forms. A brushed motor is cheaper and can be cost-saving, and is suitable for intermittent working environments. A Brushless motor is more expensive but has higher performance and is suited for environments with longer life required or periods of uninterrupted operation.

Diaphragm Liquid pumps

The common range of diaphragm liquid media pumps are:

– pressure: 0.05~0.35MPa (positive pressure)

-flow: 0.1L/min~3L/min

Liquid pumps are mainly used for laboratory liquid distribution, inkjet printing, industrial cleaning,Cleaning, etc.

Miniature diaphragm pumps can convey corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. If corrosive liquids are transferred, the usual method used is to achieve corrosion resistance of the pump by replacing the diaphragm and valve material inside the pump, such as PTEE/FKM., a typical diaphragm and valve material is EPDM, which is resistant to mild corrosiveness.

How to choose the right miniature diaphragm pump?

Providing information about the following requirements will help to select the right pump better.

  • 1. DC voltage
  • 2. Positive or negative pressure (vacuum)
  • 3. Air flow
  • 4. Power or current
  • 5. Media
  • 6. Motor
  • 7. Size
  • 8. Lifetime
  • 9. Noise
  • 10. Application Engineering

Note: If you cannot provide all of the above 10 points, at least provide 1-3 points to facilitate the quick purchase of the correct miniature pump.

In summary, due to the advantages of small size and powerful, and an extensive range of applications, it is of great significance to promote the development of medical care, small household appliances, industrial precision instruments, etc.

Boden Technology specializes in the development and manufacture of miniature diaphragm pumps. When you purchase a pump, providing information about the above requirements will help us provide you with the best solution.

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