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As the product manager at BODENFLO, specializing in miniature pump technologies, I often encounter various terminologies used to describe the products we excel in. A common query I receive is about the alternate nomenclature for micro diaphragm pumps. This question not only reflects the curiosity in the industry but also highlights the diversity of applications these pumps cater to.

Micro diaphragm pumps are known for their versatility and efficiency in handling gases and liquids. But what else are they called in the industry? This name variation often ties back to their functional attributes and the specific roles they play in different sectors.

In the following sections, let’s explore the alternate names of micro diaphragm pumps and understand the context behind each of these names.

Miniature Membrane Pump: The Science Behind the Name

Why is the micro diaphragm pump also known as a miniature membrane pump?

  1. Terminology Explained: The term ‘membrane’ in ‘miniature membrane pump’ refers to the diaphragm component of the pump. This flexible membrane is the key to the pump’s operation, moving back and forth to create pressure and vacuum.
  2. Functional Context: The term ‘membrane’ emphasizes the pump’s ability to separate and handle different mediums, a crucial aspect in applications like medical devices and laboratory equipment.

Small Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump: A Focus on Air Power

What does the term ‘small pneumatic diaphragm pump’ signify, and how is it relevant?

  1. Pneumatic Power Source: The term ‘pneumatic’ highlights the pump’s use of air pressure to operate. It is particularly relevant in applications where electric power sources are not viable or preferred.
  2. Industry Usage: This term is often used in industries where air-powered devices are common, such as in certain manufacturing and processing environments.

Miniature Gas and Liquid Pump: A Broad Spectrum Name

What does the term ‘miniature gas and liquid pump’ convey about micro diaphragm pumps?

  1. Versatility in Medium Handling: This name reflects the pump’s ability to handle both gases and liquids, a unique attribute that broadens its application range.
  2. Indicative of Diverse Usage: It suggests the pump’s suitability across a range of industries, from handling gases in analytical instruments to pumping liquids in cooling systems.

Micro Air Pump and DC Air Pump: The Power Dynamics

How do ‘micro air pump’ and ‘DC air pump’ describe these pumps, and why are these terms used?

  1. Micro Air Pump: This term emphasizes the pump’s small size and its specific application in moving air. It’s commonly used in contexts where compact air movement is critical, such as in portable medical devices.
  2. DC Air Pump: The ‘DC’ (Direct Current) aspect points to the type of power source the pump uses. DC air pumps are valued for their compatibility with battery-powered or mobile applications, where AC power might not be available.

Micro Vacuum Pump, Air Suction Pump, and Negative Pump: Vacuum Specialization

What do ‘micro vacuum pump’, ‘air suction pump’, and ‘negative pump’ signify?

  1. Micro Vacuum Pump: This name reflects the pump’s ability to create a vacuum on a micro scale, ideal for applications like laboratory testing or small-scale air evacuation.
  2. Air Suction Pump and Negative Pump: These terms emphasize the pump’s role in generating negative pressure or suction, crucial in applications ranging from vacuum packaging to medical suction devices.

Diaphragm Air Pump and Diaphragm Vacuum Pump: Dual Functionality

How do ‘diaphragm air pump’ and ‘diaphragm vacuum pump’ highlight the pump’s capabilities?

  1. Diaphragm Air Pump: This term focuses on the pump’s ability to move air using a diaphragm, a preferred method in scenarios requiring gentle and controlled air movement.
  2. Diaphragm Vacuum Pump: Here, the emphasis is on the pump’s ability to create a vacuum, particularly important in applications requiring precise vacuum levels, like scientific instruments.

DC Air Pump, 12V Air Pump, 24V Air Pump: Voltage-Specific Terms

Why are ‘DC air pump’, ’12V air pump’, and ’24V air pump’ commonly used names?

  1. Voltage Specifications: These terms indicate the pump’s compatibility with specific voltage levels. 12V and 24V air pumps are widely used in automotive and marine applications where such voltage levels are standard.
  2. Customization for Application: Selecting a pump with the correct voltage rating is crucial for compatibility and efficiency, especially in mobile or remote settings.

Mini Pressure Pump: Emphasizing Compact Pressure

What does ‘mini pressure pump’ convey about these pumps?

  1. Compact High-Pressure Applications: This term denotes the pump’s ability to generate pressure in a compact form factor, suitable for applications where space is limited but high pressure is needed.

Double-Head and Single-Head Diaphragm Pumps: Configuration Varieties

The terms ‘double-head diaphragm pump’ and ‘single-head diaphragm pump’ describe the pump’s configuration and operational mechanics.

  1. Double-Head Diaphragm Pump: This configuration features two diaphragms, providing increased flow rate and more stable pressure output. It’s especially useful in applications requiring consistent and balanced fluid or air handling.
  2. Single-Head Diaphragm Pump: With a single diaphragm, this type is more compact and cost-effective, suitable for applications where space and budget are limited, yet efficient fluid or air movement is needed.

Air Sampling Pump: Specialized Application Focus

The term ‘air sampling pump’ is used to highlight a specialized application of micro diaphragm pumps.

  1. Focused on Sampling: These pumps are specifically designed to draw air samples at a controlled rate, crucial for air quality monitoring and environmental testing.
  2. Application-Specific Design: Air sampling pumps are tailored to provide consistent and accurate flow rates, ensuring reliable sample collection.

Ink Pump: Precision in Liquid Handling

‘Ink pump’ refers to micro diaphragm pumps designed for precise ink handling, commonly used in printing equipment.

  1. Controlled Ink Dispensing: These pumps deliver ink with precision, crucial for maintaining print quality and efficiency in printing processes.
  2. Compatibility with Ink: They are constructed to be compatible with various ink types, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

Brushed DC and Brushless DC Pumps: Motor Variants

The terms ‘Brushed DC pumps’ and ‘Brushless DC pumps’ refer to the type of motor used in the pump.

  1. Brushed DC Pumps: These pumps use a traditional DC motor with brushes, known for their simplicity and lower initial cost.
  2. Brushless DC Pumps: Offering higher efficiency and a longer lifespan, these pumps use a brushless DC motor, ideal for applications requiring long-term reliability.

KNF Pumps, Thomas Pumps, and BODENFLO Pumps: Brand Specific Terminology

KNF, Thomas, and BODENFLO pumps are terms that reference specific brands known for manufacturing micro diaphragm pumps.

  1. Brand Recognition: Each brand, including BODENFLO, brings its unique technological innovations and design philosophies to the table, influencing the pump’s performance, reliability, and application suitability.
  2. Choosing the Right Brand: Selecting between these brands often comes down to specific application needs, budget considerations, and preferred technological features.

Micro, Mini, Miniature, Small, Tiny, Compact Pumps: Understanding Size and Scope

The terms ‘micro’, ‘mini’, ‘miniature’, ‘small’, ‘tiny’, and “compact” pumps are often used interchangeably in the industry to describe the compact size and scale of these diaphragm pumps.

  1. Size Implications: These terms emphasize the small footprint of the pumps, highlighting their suitability for applications where space is at a premium. From portable medical devices to compact environmental sensors, the diminutive size of these pumps is a key feature.
  2. Broad Application Range: Despite their small size, these pumps pack a punch in terms of performance. They are used in a wide array of applications, from precision fluid handling in medical equipment to air sampling in environmental monitoring.


Understanding the diverse terminologies and configurations of micro diaphragm pumps, is crucial in selecting the right pump for specific applications. Each term reflects a different aspect of the pump’s design, functionality, or intended use, guiding users to make informed decisions based on their unique requirements. At BODENFLO, our commitment is to provide a comprehensive range of pumps, catering to the diverse needs of industries and ensuring optimal performance across various applications.

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