What are the features of the Boden pump?

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Boden Pump Applications

BODEN is primarily a supplier of pumps and pumps solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). With a wide range of motors, materials, and configurations products are customized to the exact needs of the application. Typical markets include:

  • Beauty
  • Medical
  • Health
  • Household
  • Electronic
  • Food and beverage
  • Environmental
  • Laboratory

For example

  • Analytical & Diagnostic
  • Gas Analysis & Monitoring
  • Precision Dosing
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Inkjet Printing
  • Industrial Vacuum and Pressure Generation
  • Massage Devices
  • Aeration Systems

We offer a wide selection of low-cost and long-life standard pumps that will meet the requirements of your application. Select one of the standard pump models from our catalog for more information or complete the pump specification inquiry form and one of our Product Specialists will assist you.

Classification of Pumps

BODEN develops and manufactures a range of pumps suitable for gases, liquids, or a mixture of both. Generating flow, liquid transfer, pressure, and vacuum the precision products include:

  • Gas Diaphragm Pumps
  • Vacuum Diaphragm Pumps
  • Liquid Diaphragm Pumps

The Advantages and Strongest Features of BODEN Pumps

  • Highest Performance/Size Ratio – innovative and efficient engineering designs enable the BTC Series to push the performance envelope in a lightweight, compact size.
  • Runs in Hotter Environments – selection of advanced materials and our proprietary elastomer diaphragms and valves allow our pumps to operate in increased temperature environments up to 158 ° F (70 ° C).
  • Performs Quieter: optimized head, chamber, and flow path reduce noise without compromising performance.
  • Lasts Reliably Longer – Other miniature diaphragm pump
  • manufacturers require replacement kits to extend life. The proven track of “service-free” performance reduces the overall costs for an OEM’s product.
  • Installs Easily – incorporating the lightweight EZ Mount facilitates simple system assembly while dampening vibration and reducing noise levels.
  • Lightweight, compact size – BODEN micro-pumps and micro vacuum pumps are designed with a compact configuration allowing designers to minimize system weight and their system size.
  • Dynamically balanced – All of BODEN miniature diaphragm pumps, miniature diaphragm compressors, and miniature vacuum pumps are uniquely balanced to minimize vibration and maximize life.
  • Contamination free – BODEN takes the necessary steps to assure that our pumps are 100% oil-free and contaminants to maintain the purity of your system. Our production facility adheres to very strict guidelines to provide a high degree of cleanliness in product assembly and testing areas.
  • Versatile Configuration – BODEN has designed its miniature diaphragm pump components to be interchangeable, allowing BODEN to tailor the pumps to your application-specific requirements.

Briefly summarized in 6 main features

  • Oil-less
  • Low noise
  • Maintenance-free
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact size & lightweight
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