How to Ensure the Quality of a Micro Pump?

Quality assurance is a critical component of any micro pump’s lifecycle. It impacts not just the reliability of your operations but also customer satisfaction and your bottom line. For ensuring the quality of a micro pump, there are several critical steps, including design optimization, material selection, manufacturing process controls, and thorough testing protocols. Let’s delve […]

BODENFLO Micro Pump Factory: Embracing New Horizons from Our New Location!

Greetings to our valued clients, partners, and loyal readers, We have some exhilarating updates to share with you: The BODENFLO micro pump factory has successfully relocated to our new premises! In our continuous effort to provide the best products and services, the move was a strategic step towards streamlining our operations, enhancing our production capabilities, […]

Top 1 Smallest Air Vacuum Compressor – 80L High Performance and Ultra-Compact

I. Introduction Overview of the smallest air vacuum compressor and its benefits BODENFLO® Smallest Air Vacuum Compressor is a unique and innovative product that offers exceptional performance and efficiency in a compact size. This high-tech mini oil-free piston compressor is 4-5 times smaller than traditional compressors of the same size on the market, making it […]

Shenzhen Boden Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Brand: BODENFLO®)-Company Profile

Company Overview Shenzhen Boden Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Brand: BODENFLO®) is a leader in the field of high-flow miniature pump technology. Since our founding in 2013, we have been committed to providing customers with the best possible products and services. Our miniature pumps are renowned for their small size, lightweight, long life, and high flow […]

Miniature Pumps 2 Kinds of Core Technology and Comparison ∣ BODENFLO

Small Piston Pumps and _Miniature Diaphragm Pumps Comparison

We have heard many development engineers say that they cannot distinguish between miniature diaphragm pumps and small piston pumps by their appearance, and can only judge by the level of flow rate and air pressure, but is that really true? The answer is: partially correct. There is a difference between the core technology of miniature […]

Micro Vacuum Pump and Micro Air Pump Selection Guide | BODENFLO

micro air pump and micro vacuum pump

With the development of industry, compact, oil-free and environmentally friendly miniature vacuum pumps, miniature air pumps and miniature water pumps are becoming more and more widely used.How can you choose the most suitable product among the wide range of miniature pumps? This article will provide you with professional selection guidance from several aspects. Depending on […]

BODENFLO joins hands with VirtualExpo Online Exhibition Group in France to enter the international market comprehensively

boden joins hands with Vitual EXPO

A sudden epidemic at the beginning of 2020, international trade promotion methods have changed dramatically, the limitations of the traditional exhibition and customer visits-based foreign trade promotion methods are exposed, so many foreign trade enterprises have to rethink countermeasures and find a way out. Your customers are all here.Your peers are here.Your competitors are all […]

New products: small piston air compressor,small oil-free vacuum pump

small air pumps

China BODENFLO product BD-08 series miniature double-cylinder piston pump (type oil-free air compressor, small vacuum compressor, high flow small air pump), is a new and unique design. Maximum flow rate 80LPM, maximum pressure 7bar, maximum vacuum -85kpa, narrowest size 52mm, in this parameter, has the world’s smallest size and light weight, suitable for a variety […]

Custom Guidance for Boden Pumps

BODENFLO customization pumps

Bodenpump has up to hundreds of conventional parameter options to meet most market demands. To view more conventional parameter options, please click here. As a manufacturer, we also offer strong customization services to meet the needs of our diverse customers. The common customization options available from Boden are divided into the following areas. Flow parameter […]

What are the features of the Boden pump?

boden miniature diaphragm pump

Boden Pump Applications BODEN is primarily a supplier of pumps and pumps solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). With a wide range of motors, materials, and configurations products are customized to the exact needs of the application. Typical markets include: For example We offer a wide selection of low-cost and long-life standard pumps that will […]

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