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mirco pumps case study


Europe and the United States have absolute leadership in the field of cleaning equipment, especially the niche market: foam cleaning equipment, which has excellent cleaning ability and can use high air pressure to pump cleaning chemicals in order to achieve full coverage of dirty areas and achieve perfect cleaning results.

However, the core component of foam cleaning equipment: the compressor, which is usually huge, will take up most of the equipment space, higher cost, less movability, portability, flexibility, services, and application environment with some limitations. Therefore, it is very important to develop a small foam cleaning machine, which is revolutionary and global leading.

BODENFLO®, a leading manufacturer of high flow DC mini compressor pumps in China, BD-08 series is a patented, compact, low power, and lightweight mini compressor air vacuum pumps. It is very suitable for small foam cleaning products, the ultra-small size and strong power allow the equipment to spray a long range and wide range of foam.

This article will tell how we became recognized as a partner for foam cleaning equipment manufacturers in terms of challenges, solutions, results, and benefits.


 foam cleaning equipment 

Our client Company X is an experienced manufacturer of foam cleaning equipment with decades of experience in the food and beverage cleaning fields.

Company X had been using pumps from well-known brands for many years, and like many manufacturers, they began to face the problem of upgrading their products and improving costs. Considering the durability and heavy-duty work, they are very strict with the technical requirements of their suppliers.

Foam nozzles and compressor pumps are the main core competencies of the cleaning machine, and they must be unique and have technical barriers.

Few pumps on the market can achieve their compact, portable, ultra-high pressure (6 bar), high flow(50LPM), and continuous operation characteristics. In addition, CE-ROHS, CE-EMC, and FCC certifications (EMC Directive 2014/30/ EU and RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU) are necessary for the customer to obtain marketing approval.

The customer had previously chosen a brush version of an air vacuum pump with a low unit cost. However, the low EMC capability would affect the machine’s stability. So the EMC capability of the miniature pump needed to be significantly improved to pass CE-EMC and FCC requirements.

The tight space of the small foam cleaning machine imposed a limitation on the size of the pump. It is not only the pump width but also the size of the drive plate that was an issue, especially when we were nearing the completion of the pump body mold.


oil free piston compressor air vacuum pumps

24V BD-08V-S is unique, the result of 4 years of research and development, with patents, and is the leading high-pressure and high-flow miniature compressor air vacuum pump in China, also a compact mini compressor, which will open up a whole new market.

An expensive CNC machining process like a miniature pump sample is not appropriate for mass production, and choosing high precision aluminum die-cast mold will save several times the cost.

Aluminum mini compressor pump material has excellent pressure resistance and heat dissipation, which is well suited for high-pressure miniature pumps. The customer also approves of the pump samples for bulk orders.

The BD-08V-S uses a brushed motor, which has relatively poor electromagnetic compatibility, interferes with the machine’s electronics, and is hard to pass EMC certification. This problem temporarily stopped our progress, but we soon found a solution for the vacuum pump.

We offer our customers a new solution: the 24V BD-08VB-S brushless motor version, which is a smaller size, quieter, more stable, lower power, continuous operation under high pressure, excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference, and supports PWM speed control for brushless air pumps. We finally got the CE-ROHS, CE-EMC, and FCC certifications.

In order to meet the customer’s improvement requirements and the limited space of the equipment, we still made several improvements in the final stage, which were finally approved and appreciated by the customer. The scope of improvements included: hole pitch size of mounting holes, pump PCB driver board size, enhanced PCB driver board performance (board hardness, wear resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, etc.), and developed EPDM vibration damping pads to reduce the vibration of the compressor.

Outcome & Benefits

Receive repeat orders from clients.
BODENFLO micro-pumps and clients have expanded revenue and technology upgrades.
Participate in more R&D projects to better serve our customers.


Shenzhen boden technology development co., ltd. (brand: BODENFLO®), has been a reliable, quality-driven manufacturer partner to our customers for over 15 years.

Want to learn more about the BD-08 series technical information? Contact our team of experts, whether you need more information, a micro air vacuum compressor solution, samples, a quote, or a consultation about a project, let’s start our cooperation.

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