How Small Compression And Vacuum Pumps Are Used In Medical Devices

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Did you know that compressors and vacuum pumps play a vital role in medical devices?

In medical devices, compressors and vacuum pumps are commonly used in the medical aesthetics, medical health, and medical therapy fields for applying pressure in a regulated manner, either continuously or intermittently.

However, one thing that has always been constant for medical institutions is the reliability of small compressors & pumps. Choosing a silent and long-life brushless version of compressors & pumps is the only way to meet the requirements of medical facilities for high-quality medical equipment.

So what makes the BODENFLO miniature pump stand out in the medical industry? This is a common question and we will discuss the application of its products in different medical devices. Anyway, let’s first understand how small compression and vacuum pumps can be used in medical equipment.

Small Pneumatic Compression Pump For Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT

small Pneumatic compressor pump

ESWT is a non-invasive procedure that employs energy sound waves to relieve pain and accelerate healing in wounded or damaged tissues in a short medication period. The machine is fitted with a projectile trapped in a tube and a compression pump that provides compressed gas to propel the projectile down the tube. When the projectile hits the applicator’s head, it generates energy that is transformed into pressure waves. The pressure waves enter tissues deeper than a normal massage to promote accelerated tissue repair.

Focused shockwave is commonly applied to treat specific deep-rooted severe issues and is especially beneficial for joint problems. The gadget generates a pressure wave through the tissues into the target location at a depth of 6cm using piezoceramic stones. This causes cavitation bubbles to burst, resulting in a subsequent shockwave. This method is less unpleasant than the radial method. With the benefits and effectiveness of shock wave therapies, a rising number of medical specialties, including podiatrists, are using them. Shockwave Therapy device uses efficient, compact, and durable mini compressor pumps with maximum flow rates.

Small Vacuum Pumps For Portable Vacuum Therapy ED

BODENFLO micro air vacuum pump is required in treating male erectile dysfunction. These pumps can create a vacuum around the penis, which accelerates blood circulation, causing an erection. The pump is powered on to remove air from the tube, causing a pressure difference. Blood then begins to engorge the circulatory system of the penis. It just takes a few minutes to acquire an erection. The widely used vacuum pump systems are Portable Weight Loss Vacuum Shockwave Therapy Machines ED and MAPTAG Male Sexual Dysfunction Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Apparatus.

With many beauty pump suppliers today, always confirm that the ED pump you choose has a vacuum limiter. This device ensures that the air pressure inside the tube does not become too high, which can be harmful. It is also crucial to consider the size of the elastic ring. It must be sturdy enough to function but not so tight that it is painful. You might have to experiment with several sizes to get the appropriate one.

Negative Pressure Pumps For Negative Pressure Wound Therapy NPWT

Negative pressure pumps that are used in negative pressure wound therapy. They help in drawing out fluid and infections from wounds, allowing them to heal more quickly. A particular dressing performance is done to the area, and a light vacuum pump is attached.

The healing process is facilitated by boosting the blood flow to the area around the wound. The vacuum can be administered intermittently or continuously, based on the type of wound and the therapy plan. Also, different wound therapy pumps with varying capacities and pressures are used to match the type of wound.

Pneumatic Compression For Pressotherapy/Compression Therapy

This is a medical treatment that improves lymphatic drainage. It helps in detoxification, relieving pain, and slimming. The procedure requires the use of BODENFLO mini inflating compressor that provides a controlled unit of pressure continuously. The different tubes of the multi-chambered garment are separately inflated by the pump to trigger double pressure differences: This causes the squeezing sensations.

Using a garment in doing a lymphatic massage, a therapist rubs more than just the afflicted region. Except for the neck, chest areas, and right arm, the entire lymphatic system empties towards the left shoulder. For complete flow, massages always cover all regions.The treatment system has a high-efficiency compression mechanism that compresses the sleeves and cuffs effectively. Pneumatic compressor devices with overlapping technology are employed for maximum treatment.

Micro Vacuum Pump For Vacuum Cupping Therapy/Cupping Machine

Mini vacuum pump cups are used in cupping therapy to remove toxins from tissues and organs. Cupping is a technique in which the therapist applies suction to the skin using specific cups to draw up the tissues beneath the cup, increasing blood flow to the affected regions. Toxins and impurities are then drawn from adjacent tissues and organs to the surface for elimination by a high blood flow under the cups.

More advanced versions of cupping create a vacuum within the cup using a rubber pump. Clinicians can employ silicone cups that they can slide around on your skin to provide a massage-like sensation. Cupping has many human benefits, such as the relaxation of muscles for pain relief, enhanced blood circulation, and immune system activation; that’s why BODENFLO continues to participate in R&D projects to produce compact mini vacuum pump cups with maximum flow rate.

Micro Vacuum Pump For Vacuum Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage used to treat severe inflammations caused by medical treatments or sickness that obstructs the lymphatic system. The swellings occur when tissues hold fluid that is left over after the circulatory system has delivered blood to the organs. The procedure relies on lymphatic drainage machines fitted with lymphatic compression pumps. They squeeze swollen areas gently in a cuff or sleeve that inflates and shrinks at given intervals.

When the micro pump is withdrawn, the limb may enlarge again. However, a pump can occasionally assist in softening the limb tissues. If the pump pressures are controlled appropriately, it might harm the leg and produce more edema. The introduction of lymphatic drainage machines at the appropriate moment is also an advantage to successful lymphatic conditions medication. While some patients may not require a lymphatic pump until after surgery, some often benefit from the equipment in their therapeutic plan from the start.

Micro Pressure Pump For Body Slimming Machine

A mini pressure pump is employed in ultrasonic cavitation, a non-invasive medication used to remove excess fats under the skin. It is a more effective and pain-free alternative to surgeries. An MDI slimming machine fitted with a suction pump uses ultrasonic vibrations to exert pressure on fat cells. The pressure is strong enough to cause fat cells to dissolve into a fluid. The human system can then eliminate waste through urine. This medication approach is utilized in conjunction with other weight reduction treatments to aid in the removal of extra fat. It is an ideal way of removing fats over other invasive treatments.

Pressure pumps provide consistent pressure with a maximum flow rate to manage the process. They boast compact designs, durability, efficiency, and high quality. The medication is more effective in areas with concentrated fat, including hips, flanks, arms, and thighs. It cannot be applied on parts such as the neck, head, or other bony areas.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are various applications for compressors and vacuum pumps in medical equipment. Make sure you follow best practices when using your equipment. They are physical treatments that do not require incisions and are expensive, and their use has some benefits and potential positive effects unlike other kinds of treatments.

It may be time to revisit your facility’s medical pump machine. Without upgrades in recent years, your facility will not benefit from BODENFLO’s latest design of mini-pumps.

BODENFLO miniature compressors & pumps are known for being highly reliable, quiet and durable, and every miniature pump in our facility is fully tested and documented for use in precision medical equipment worldwide.

Whatever your requirements, we will find the perfect pump solution for your application. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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