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FAQ About Micro Air Pump/ Vacuum pump | BODENFLO

Advantages of brushless miniature air pump/vacuum pump: long life, no electromagnetic interference, low noise, especially suitable for continuous operation around the clock or frequent start/stop occasions, many functions (PWM, CW&CCW, FG, BRAKE); disadvantages: negative pressure, positive pressure, flow rate and other parameters are smaller than those with brushes; the cost is higher than those with […]

Micro Vacuum Pump Knowledge Summary | BODENFLO

According to the market survey and BODENFLO miniature pump sales analysis, micro vacuum pump in the miniature pump market occupies an extremely important position, as a power device, widely used in gas sampling, gas circulation, vacuum adsorption, accelerated filtration, automotive vacuum assistance and other occasions, in the medical, health, scientific research, environmental protection and other […]

Steppers Vs. Dc Motors –Tips For Choosing The Right One

Despite the fact that both Steppers and Dc Motors use direct current, their designs, working principles, and applications are different. With so many factors to consider, it’s no surprise that many people still find it challenging to locate an ideal motor for their intended applications. As a result, we’ve put up a guide to assist you […]

BODENFLO joins hands with VirtualExpo Online Exhibition Group in France to enter the international market comprehensively

A sudden epidemic at the beginning of 2020, international trade promotion methods have changed dramatically, the limitations of the traditional exhibition and customer visits-based foreign trade promotion methods are exposed, so many foreign trade enterprises have to rethink countermeasures and find a way out. Your customers are all here.Your peers are here.Your competitors are all […]

What Is Micro Liquid Diaphragm Pump?

Micro liquid diaphragm pumps are self-priming pumps used for pumping fluids against high system pressures. They’re maintenance-free, dry-running, and can be connected to a number of hydraulic systems and motors. Liquid diaphragm pumps are commonly used in high-pressure industrial applications such as inkjet printing systems. They have high chemical resistance and can move almost every […]

Top 2 Small Negative Pressure Pump Application

A micro negative pressure pump is simply an air pump that can be used in gas sampling, gas analysis, medical treatment, and scientific research. They are reliable, stable, and lightweight. Small negative pressure pumps combine the efficiency and operational features of positive displacement pumps with compact structural materials. Their driving force is created by the […]

New products: small piston air compressor,small oil-free vacuum pump

China BODENFLO product BD-08 series miniature double-cylinder piston pump (type oil-free air compressor, small vacuum compressor, high flow small air pump), is a new and unique design. Maximum flow rate 80LPM, maximum pressure 7bar, maximum vacuum -85kpa, narrowest size 52mm, in this parameter, has the world’s smallest size and light weight, suitable for a variety […]

TOP 5 Cases Of Oil-free Piston Vacuum Pump, Miniature Negative Pressure Pump

Oil-free piston vacuum pumps (miniature negative pressure pumps) have the following features: Having said that, where can it be used and what industries need it? Oil-free piston vacuum pumps are mainly used in the following fields: This article filters out the 5 most common use cases for learning and reference purposes only. The application of […]

What Are The Applications Of Micro Vacuum Pumps?

Micro vacuum pumps are used in a wide range of applications. They are mostly used in plastic manufacturing, medical applications, home-based operations, and food and beverage industries. While the key function of all micro vacuum pumps is to create areas free of air or gas molecules, each area of their applications necessitates the use of […]

Top 5 Accessories for Micro Pumps

In my experience, it is very necessary to match the accessories of the miniature pump. The 5 most frequently used miniature pump accessories are: filter, check valve, tube, muffler, bracket. Use them to increase pump life, reduce pump noise, prevent gas backflow, and other effects. This article will introduce 5 common miniature pump accessories to […]

What is the difference between gear pump, peristaltic pump and diaphragm pump?

Micro pump as a pump in the small size of the subdivision, with the development of science and technology, the application field is more and more extensive. Micro pumps can be divided into micro air pumps and micro liquid pumps according to different fluids. A related article on micro air pumps can be viewed here. […]

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